Did the catch the first appearance of The Invinci-Bros in the special 2-parter “#DCSuperHeroBoys” episode of DC Super Hero Girls earlier this month? Fans wondering how long until new DCSHG air in Cartoon Network, fear not for two new episodes are on their way in October which will see the debut of Katana.

In case the inclusion of Katana in the current line of DCSHG dolls wasn’t enough of a hint, online promo art pretty much indicated that it was only a matter of time before Tatsu Yamashiro a.k.a. Katana made the scene.

Katana DC

Katana DC

Friday, Oct. 11
Batgirl’s worlds collide when her best friend from Gotham City moves to Metropolis. Meanwhile, Catwoman is making some new friends of her own.

Friday, Oct. 25
“Soul Sisters”
The girls must track down Katana, a mysterious warrior who’s stealing the souls of Metropolis’s villains. Meanwhile, Diana’s new friend Tatsu is a perfect match for her in every way, but may have a connection to Katana.

Katana DC Super Hero Girls

Saving the day is super easy when you’re a Super Hero. But stopping evil in its tracks while keeping up grades and managing a social life, all before curfew? Ugh. That’s, like, super tough. DC Super Hero Girls are more than crime-fighting besties, they’re a diverse group of dedicated super-teens! Working together, they fight the battles of Metropolis and the battles of growing, up all at the same time. Always discovering new ways to control their powers and abilities, these awesome girls are quickly learning (sometimes the hard way) how to deal with the super challenges of being a teenage Super Hero.

We all have the power to make a difference. Just make sure to use it for good or you’ll find yourself up against those tenacious teens, the DC Super Hero Girls.

The first thirteen episodes of DC Super Hero Girls are now available to stream on Netflix in the US.