The highly-anticipated DC Super Hero Girls from Emmy Award-winner Lauren Faust premiered earlier this month on Cartoon Network, and sure enough Faust and crew is bringing magic to the popular franchise.
I make it no secret how much I’ve been enjoying this iteration, particularly how the animated series showcases such a diverse cast of characters. And they’re not done yet!
As revealed in the initial press release announcement almost a year ago, fans can look forward to swordswoman Tatsu Yamashiro better known as Katana appearing in the series. Thanks to recently released official promo artwork we now have an early look of the character design. As you can see, it’s in keeping with the show’s distinct style while retaining Katana’s trademark costume of the last few years such as her iconic mask sporting the flag of Japan.
No further details such as voice actress have been announced, so be sure to keep an eye out when Katana makes her official debut.

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