Grayson #9 (on sale now)

Just ahead of their ComicsPRO presentation today, DC Comics has announced that writer Tom King and artists Clay Mann and John Timms have all signed exclusive deals with the publisher.

King is best known for his work on Grayson, a super-spy take on Dick Grayson/Nightwing, that he co-writes with Tim Seeley. Recently, he began critically acclaimed runs on The Omega Men (his sci-fi epic take on the long dormant DC property) and The Vision (an existential, suburban look at the android Avenger) for Marvel. He also just launched his first Vertigo title, the Iraqi War noir The Sheriff of Babylon.

Here’s King on the announcement:

To me, DC is Superman. DC is Batman. DC is Wonder Woman. DC is Swamp Thing, The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, All Star Superman, The New 52 and The Court of Owls. DC is where the great comics get made. I’m honored and proud to be part of that tradition, and I’m going to do my best to deliver my best work ever. I can’t wait for people to see what’s coming.

Mann is currently illustrating the Poison Ivy miniseries that recently launched, and his career has included work with Marvel and Valiant. Timms has spent his career thus far splitting time between the Big Two, having worked on both Inhumans: Attilan Rising and more recently, Harley’s Little Black Book.

It’s become rarer to see exclusive deals signed in the work for hire environment, but DC clearly has big plans for all three as a part of their Rebirth initiative.  How will this breaking news bode for The Vision though? Will it cut off at 8 issues, or 12? We’ll find out soon enough, along with the new, higher profile assignments King and co. will get. I’d expect to hear a good deal about the latter this evening.


  1. King just stated on twitter that he will be on Vision through issue 12. And yeah, no more Valiant work for Mann in the foreseeable future I assume.

    And Rich, that sounds good to me!

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