Captain Marvelby Brandon Schatz

Do you like hearing movie stars talk in circles around some Non-Disclosure Agreements? Well then do we have a video for you.

For those who don’t feel like clicking and dealing with a few minutes of talking, the news is this: Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson has been talking with DC for quite a while and the two sides have been trying to get him into their movie universe for quite some time. A man who looks like Johnson’s distinct polar opposite asks him what character he might want to play in the DC universe. Johnson blushes and scuffs his toe on the ground and tells the interviewer that DC has him locked to be a character in one of their movies, and that there will be an announcement coming soon. Then he says the character will have “the power of Superman” and that the interviewer should just “say the word”, causing folks to freak out about him being Shazam.

As things stand, Shazam is one of the movies Nikki Finke rumoured to be announced at the San Diego Comic Con this week – and if that’s the case, The Rock would be a good pick to fill the character’s shoes. That said, take this with a grain of salt. Even things that are set in stone tend to erode on the odd occasion. Regardless, keep an eye on the SDCC announcements for more as we go through the week.



  1. Well, now … I’ve gottenthe impression this has been a problem at San Diego Comicon and other shows latel. They become PRESS CONFERENCES disguised as panels, and everyone says. “Gee, I really can’t talk about that right now.” I don’t understand the legalities and everything … If he may play SHAZAM, just say the word (nyuk nyuk).

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