Sort of. Via an EXTREMELY RARE press release from DC, it was suggested you can watch some All Access videos, buy the The New 52: Future’s End Vol. 1 collection and read the three weekly series currently running—Future’s End, Earth 2, and splitting the difference, Earth 2: World’s End. It all culminates in  Convergence and comics drawn by Tom Grummett, Phil Winslade and other industry veterans.

I can tell you that a lot of retailers are very concerned about Convergence. Putting the entire DC line on hold for two months while editors move coasts seems like a compassionate move while staffers figure out how to drive, negotiate with the terrorists at Time Warner Cable, and find the location of the nearest Zankou Chicken. But for readers who were maybe a little less than excited about the current New 52 offerings,  it’s also an amazing jumping OFF point if you don’t like Tom Grummett and Phil Winslade.

The PR also mentions Blood Moon, which I’m told WAS the official title of the mini-series at some point, until it was changed, mostly likely at the behest of co-publisher Dan DiDio. Persoally, Convergence is a much better title, because Blood Moon sounds like werewolves at best.


Futures End? Blood Moon? Brother Eye? Convergence?

Yes, it all connects. Read below or head over to for more.

Being told in the weekly comic book series set five years in the future, the events of  THE NEW 52: FUTURES END play directly into CONVERGENCE—DC Comics’ massive 2 month event taking place in April and May of 2015. 

Thirty-Five years from now, Brother Eye, the all-seeing artificial intelligence designed to protect and serve humanity, has turned on its makers. Nearly all life on Earth has been eradicated, leaving only the cybernetically enslaved superheroes Brother Eye has converted into its unstoppable executioners. Led by the Batman—the man who helped create Brother Eye—a small team of heroes fights on. Their last-ditch plan: send a hero back to the past to prevent Brother Eye from ever being created.

They failed.

Terry McGinnis (aka Batman Beyond) only made it thirty years back during his timestream jump. The technological apocalypse was already in motion and the Earth has become home to millions of refugees from Earth 2.

Now’s the perfect time to catch up and see what’s going on with Batman Beyond, Frankenstein, Fifty-Sue, and a sprawling cast of heroes, rogues, gods and monsters from across the DC Universe—all trying to end the future before it ends them.

We’ve got a couple of ways for you to join in on the action and see for yourself how the threads of time and space are converging:

1) THE NEW 52: FUTURES END VOL. 1 is available everywhere books are sold today. Inside, you’ve got 416 pages (we know you’re not doing anything this weekend!) collecting issues #0 – #17 and it’s loaded with bonus content–Ryan Sook’s character designs, cover sketches, and more!

2) Click here, here, and here for 16 minutes of DC ALL ACCESS’ fantastic cover-to-cover video coverage of the event so far. Who was the Masked Superman? Who killed Green Arrow? What is the Blood Moon?

And stay tuned for more! Other series that lead directly into CONVERGENCE are the weekly series EARTH 2: WORLD’S END and the monthly series EARTH 2.

This is a future you won’t want to miss!



  1. Seems like an attempt to convince a few more committed DC readers that they need to be reading Futures End to be ready for the next big event. Recent sales charts show that series tanking compared to other weeklies Batman Eternal and the recently launched Earth 2: World’s End.

    Any word yet on whether the individual two-issue Convergence tie-in series will be relatively self-contained and comprehensible to a casual reader? I’ve no interest in the Convergence event as a whole, but I could well pick up two issues of Parker/Shaner Capt. Marvel, Hama/Middleton Wonder Woman, or Rucka/Hamner Question if I stand a chance of finding an essentially complete story therein.

    (I imagine this is an issue for worried retailers, too, as I can’t believe too many customers will be “all in” for the whole event.)

  2. @Carl – I’m right there with ya. I if I knew that the few minis I’m interested in were self-contained, I’d buy them for sure. DC is so concerned with getting me to buy a billion titles over two months that they’re neglecting to sell me on what I’d actually be interested in.

  3. Dc comics needs to established a DC unlimited for their digital comics with a plan like marvel unlimited.

  4. @Hufnagel0 DC has hardly begun to divulge info about the books. Hell, they’re starting way too early. There will be more in depth interviews and more concrete solicits as the months approach. Initial orders are still about 2 months out. Give it time.

  5. Well, I read everything DC produces each month (a bit behind in my reading).

    Future’s End… it’s really slow storytelling. The only big bit of story: Firestorm.
    Terry Batman doesn’t seem to be changing much of the story yet, but Brother Batman is on its way, so who can tell?

    Of course, from a meta (HAH!) viewpoint, how does DC keep the successful characters ongoing? That’s why you have events: to launch new characters and series. Blue Beetle, Booster Gold…
    Marvel’s got Spider-Gwen. How do you save Fifty Sue and Firestorm 2.0?

  6. @Zach
    I receive comp issues once a month. It’s an obligation I’ve accepted, and also, it allows me to better understand what’s working and what isn’t at DC.

    I don’t review, since I don’t feel I do that sort of thing very well.

    There are some bright spots, especially in the Digital First output. Could I create a “Years Best” selection? I don’t know…

  7. @CagedLeo730 – Yeah, I getcha; they’re just getting the hype train a-rolling. I just can’t help but get my hopes up for some of the two-shots, and I’d hate to have them dashed by learning they won’t make sense without the main series. I’d guess DC is gonna try to maximize potential profits, so they’ll probably make them all accessible. Relying on die-hards picking up most of the titles for two months isn’t their plan, right? RIGHT?!?

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