After the internet reacted to a Facebook post by DC co-publisher Dan DiDio on DC relinquishing rights to a variety of pulp heroes, it was assumed that this might apply to the handsome series of hardcover Spirit Archives that DC published over the last decade or so. However, why guess when you could talk to Denis Kitchen, the agent for the Will Eisner estate? According to Kitchen, DC retains the rights to the Archives for “the foreseeable future. There is a contractual formula I can’t divulge under which the rights would revert. When that might apply is impossible to predict at the moment.” However, DC no longer has the rights to create new Spirit stories.

As we noted yesterday, most of the Spirit Archives are out of print. When asked if there is a chance the books could be reprinted elsewhere, Kitchen teased, “I would say watch for a press release in the not too distant future which might provide a clue.”

The Spirit is an enduring character with a wide comics legacy…so expect to see Denny Colt back before too long.

Also, DiDio’s FB status has apparently been deleted.


  1. Too bad. I was briefly excited that we might start seeing some quality Spirit reprints. If you compare the Spirit Archives to the Warren magazine reprints from the 70s, it’s obvious how much the artwork suffers from the small size, coloring choices and reproduction quality in the DC series.

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