About 10 years ago, when someone first proposed the idea of comics on mobile phones to us, we suggested putting webcomics on the phones. That isn’t the way things went, but there will finally be an app just for webcomics like XKCD, Nedroid, Girls with Slingshots and Dinosaur Comics. The app is called Comic Chameleon and it hasn’t yet been approved by Apple. But according to PR:

Comic Chameleon aims to be the single, ultimate way for webcomic fans to enjoy all their favorite titles on the iPhone, and for webcomic artists to share their work with the thus-far untapped and explosive iPhone market. It’s the first webcomics app being built by a webcomics artist, for webcomic artists.

Our lineup currently consists of 19 of the most amazing comics on the web, and from now until our launch early next year, we’ll be adding more! Follow us on the Twitter and Like us on the Facebook or join our email list to get all our updates on new artists we’ll be working with, our progress on the app, and our public beta test coming in January!

Among the app’s features:

• Panel by panel navigation, formatted perfectly for the iPhone
• Full archives – not a limited RSS reader or a pay-per-issue store
• Ad proceeds go to support the artists you read
• Shop for awesome merchandise from the artists
• FREE – full access to all titles

Here’s the lineup of comics available. I’m not exactly sure how people read their webcomics, but an app aggregator sounds appealing to this time-starved old fogey, especially one that does so with with the consent of those aggregated.
Here’s a demo of how it works. Ad revenue from the app will be paid to participating artists. It may be only gum money (not even beer money) but…hey, it’s a revenue model.


  1. As someone whose work was recently “scraped”, I can say that *asking* a creator for permission to aggregate and/or hotlink his/her work is usually a good policy…

  2. I’m quite fond of Comic Rocket, which I use on laptop and tablet, which frames the comics (ad revenue stays with the comic). This app keeps my list of comics, bookmarks current pages, and updates the list when new pages are posted. It has good comics discovery features, but could be more social.
    Comic Rocket is working on a phone app, too.

  3. i love that Comic Chameleon has also just opened up a submission form making it possible for any and all webcomic creators to submit to be included on the app. And a form for webcomic fans to request their favorite comics to be added. I’m looking forward to seeing some new talent added to the app along with everyone’s favorites.

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