DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: October 2013 – After Before Sandmanhttp://ift.tt/1bL58Kv

by Marc-Oliver Frisch

Most significantly, October 2013 was the month after the month in which DC mounted its most aggressive and focussed attempt yet to single-handedly destroy the comics market, by shipping millions of random comics to retailers who had not ordered them. Not surprisingly, sales snapped back to more regular levels as a result.

Second-most significantly, October 2013 was the month in which a new Sandman miniseries by sales magnet Neil Gaiman debuted to give Vertigo a much-needed boost.

And so it did: In the 128 months since March 2003 that we’ve got data on, Vertigo’s average new-comic-book sales have never been higher, rising to an estimated 22,228 units. Similarly, Vertigo’s total unit and dollar sales set new records for that period: With an estimated 266,738 total units sold, October 2013 is a solid 46,000 ahead of the previous high-water mark, and total dollar sales for the first time cracked the $1 million barrier with an estimated $1.1 million. Which is an especially big deal, because the previous record month, March 2010, had only managed an estimated $681,000 — and it had needed 19 new books to do so, as opposed to October 2013′s 12.

See below for the details and, as usual, please consider the small print at the end of the column. Thanks to Milton Griepp and ICv2.com for the permission to use their figures. An overview of ICv2.com‘s estimates can be found here.

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