While Brian Michael Bendis continues to tease something very fun and futuristic with the #DCMillennium hashtag on his Instagram and Twitter, one of his other big projects at DC Comics, Wonder Comics is finding extended for a pair of its critically acclaimed adventures. Both Dial H for Hero and Wonder Twins are getting extended runs to the tune of 12 issues as revealed by our friends at Paste.
When announced last year, both comics were pitched as 6 issue miniseries, but they’ve both so well received by critics and fans, that an extension of the fun makes perfect sense.
Dial H for Hero by Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones is a relaunch of the old DC concept, but instead of Robbie Reed, it stars a new character named Miguel who finds the titular dial and gets into all kinds of shenanigans with his gal pal and trying to fight off a group of people who have gotten a taste of the HERO dial in the past – including one familiar to old school readers. It’s a beautiful book especially, with Quinones providing vibrant action and sylized sequences that match up with DC Comics of the past every time someone calls down a particular power.
Wonder Twins by Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne brings the old Super Friends sidekicks back into the DCU, this time as interns at the Hall of Justice. The series focuses on their day to day lives and all the uprorious antics they get into as alien teens trying to understand teen culture, high school and what it means to be a hero. It’s a Russell comic, so the fact that it’s incisive and quite humorous is no surprise.
Wonder Comics has proven a nice hit for the publisher and another feather in the cap of the Bendis tenure at Burbank, other comics that currently comprise the line are Young Justice (by Bendis, the now Marvel exclusive Patrick Gleason, new arrival John Timms and a cadre of guest artists) and Naomi by Bendis, David Walker and Jamal Campbell. Naomi is still set to end its current run with its upcoming sixth issue, but a second wave of Wonder Comics is expected to be announced shortly, including an Amethyst title with a creative team to be announced. Additionally, as Bendis has recently hashtagged Legion of Super-Heroes art with #wondercomics on his twitter, it’s not a leap to assume that superhero team from the future might be the next addition to join this happy family.
More to come, specifically tomorrow.


  1. As per Comicon, Dial H # 03 sold 11,000 copies.
    Wonder Twins # 04 sold 15,643 copies – and is being described as ” a nice hit ” ???
    Now some imbecile at DC has greenlit another round of these failures to be extended.
    When I was in business, we tried to mitigate losses by no longer carrying products that lost us money.
    In print monthly comic books at DC they appear to be rewarding failure.
    I predict that within 2 or 3 years someone from AT&T will take a hard look at DC monthly comics
    and then cut them down to 30 or less total issues a month ( yes 360 per year total floppy output) and if anyone at DC doesn’t like it — their resignations will be accepted.
    ….. and DC print will be more profitable

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