Announced today on this week’s edition of DC All Access, DC will be adding to their line-up of Jack Kirby titles that they’re producing this year to celebrate the 100th birthday of the King of Comics.

This August, DC will be publishing a series of 6 one-shots, with creative teams to be announced in the upcoming August solicits, that focus on a number of Kirby creations (and co-creations). Newsarama grabbed the following promotional art, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come:

Manhunter by Bruce Timm

Orion/New Gods by Shane Davis

Darkseid by Chris Burnham

Newsboy Legion & Boy Commandos by Howard Chaykin

Black Racer/Mister Miracle by Bill Sienkiewicz

The folks at All Access also make mention of OMAC, and featured unfinished art that seems indicate a one-shot centered on The Sandman. There’s no word on whether the above artists will necessarily be involved with the interiors of the books, but it would indeed be glorious to read Chaykin’s take on Kirby’s toughest street kids, for example. And that Burnham Darkseid art is especially wall-worthy.

These one-shots join Kamandi Challenge, Bug!: The Adventures of Forager, New Challengers, and the just announced last week Mister Miracle, in a robust line-up of titles paying tribute to Kirby’s contributions to the publisher.

Your move, Marvel. I expect an FF announcement any day now.


  1. I’m a big Jack Kirby fan, and I’m looking forward to these books.

    BUT: Was the parting shot at Marvel REALLY necessary? That just smacked of pettiness.

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