The distribution order doth change! DC has just announced a new deal for distributing its periodicals and graphic novels with Universal Distribution, a Canadian based distro for comic books, tabletop games, CCG’s, trading cards, role-playing games, accessories, and toys for over 30 years.

The deal takes effect in October – DC will continue to be distributed by Lunar and Diamond UK for comics shops, and PRH for bookstores.

It’s an interesting move in that it obviously expands DC’s reach to stores that don’t want to do business with Lunar for whatever reason.

It’s also interesting in that Universal has long been in the mix for distributing comics – even with Diamond’s near monopoly, they;ve been selling comics to shops in Canada for years. In fact during the Great Shutdown of ’20, Universal was suggested as an alternate distributor for periodicals, and several smaller publishers signed on with them – and they currently sell comics from DC, Marvel, Image and more on their website.  And they even have their own retailer summit! 

“This agreement enables us to provide retailers with the tools they need to grow their DC business,” said Angelo Exarhakos, CEO of Universal Distribution. “Our primary focus has always been to work closely with our key partners to help retailers provide a great experience for their customers. We are huge fans of DC and are extremely excited with this new relationship between our companies.”

“The DC and Universal Distribution partnership is an exciting opportunity to reach new audiences with DC’s iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains,” said Nancy Spears, DC’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Our new partnership with Universal is in line with DC’s overall strategic vision intended to improve the health of, and strengthen, the Direct Market and grow the number of fans who read comics worldwide.”

Spears added another statement affirming DC’s commitment to the direct market.

“This move sees DC doubling down on its distribution strategy, and further mitigating operational and supply chain disruptions,” continued Spears. “DC is committed to looking for ways, together with our new partners, to better serve our fans. We remain committed to the Direct Market and look forward to growing the network of comic book retailers get the best comic books and graphic novels to fans in the most efficient and seamless manner.”