Debuting on September 7th, here’s the new trailer for Iron Fist season 2, which sees Danny and Colleen facing down the wrath of Davos/The Steel Serpent.

The first season of Iron Fist was, by and large, considered the least of the Netflix-Marvel output in the lead-up to Defenders, and it feels like ever since, Marvel Television has yet to really recover that same audience and critical goodwill that permeated those shows during the first respective seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

But, this second season comes with a new showrunner and a new villain, as Raven Metzner is taking over for the departing Scott Buck (who left to showrun Inhumans before it met its demise), and Alice Eve is joining the cast as “Typhoid Mary” Walker, presumably a slightly more grounded version of the Daredevil adversary.

Check out the new trailer below…