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John Layman (Chew) is teaming with Beat favorite artist Afu Chan (Immortal Iron Fists, Spera) for a new SF title from Skybound: Outer Darkness. We’ve got the news and a preview.

The story, described as SF/horror, involves captain Joshua Rigg of the starship Charon, in a future where human have colonized the galaxy. However mysteries and horror wait, as the charon encounter “demonic possessions, hauntings, and cosmic horror as they embark on a desperate rescue mission into the Outer Darkness of space—where everything wants to kill them.”

“Thanks to Afu Chan and Skybound, we’ve succeeded in making OUTER DARKNESS as perfect and beautiful as I’d envisioned it to be since finishing Chew,” said Layman. “I’m so unbelievably excited that OUTER DARKNESS is being announced to the world. I’m absolutely in love with this book.”

“It was scary, in good way, working with John Layman and Skybound, especially on a comic filled with monsters and in space where nobody can hear you,” said Chan. “I am always on the edge of my seat while drawing these pages, and I can’t wait for people to experience the ride when reading OUTER DARKNESS. It is the best work I’ve done yet.”

OUTER DARKNESS #1 will hit stores on Wednesday, November 7th.

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