David Goyer’s been off making movies and TV lately.  He used to write comics, JSA with James Robinson and Geoff Johns.  On the film/TV side, he’s been involved with the Nolan Batman trilogy, the Ghost Rider films and Blade the Series. Incidentally, Blade was a project with Geoff Johns.  And it sounds like he’s getting ready to do another project with Johns.

CBR had a chat with Goyer wherein he said:

“There are some plans,” said Goyer of returning to comics. “I have plans to do something with Geoff Johns that’s been on the drawing books for a while. Basically, [we’re] just looking for the time to plot it out. DC is holding the space for it, it’s an event that we’re going to do, it’s a 13-issue thing. Hopefully, we’ll start plotting it out this fall.”

CBR went on to refer to the planned comic as a “13-issue event series.”

Is this the Trinity War project that’s been teased/promised for so long or is this another Event that would follow Trinity War?  


  1. I’ve really enjoyed Goyer’s comic work. His JSA with both Robinson and Johns were great reads. But at the moment, both of them are off their game in my opinion. So I won’t be picking this up on ‘names’ alone. And 13 issues for an event comic? Really? Just when I though comics couldn’t become more decompressed!!

  2. I’m with you James, Goyer has done enough shoddy work that I won’t pick up on names alone. Plus, this is the guy who had Supeman renounce his American citizenship. I’m afraid when I read his books his characters will stop mid-scene and talk about how much they hate George W. Bush. He’s a co-writer on the new Superman movie. Any bets Superman will say he fights for truth, justice and the United Nations?

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