This Star Wars thing has legs! Following on the million selling Star Wars #1, Darth Vader #1, the next Marvel foray into the land of the Force, has already topped 300,00 pre-orders, reports. The issue is by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Salvador Larroca, and follows what happens after Vader goes spinning into space at the end of A New Hope…but BEFORE anyone brought him his shuttle. The next new marvel Book is Princess Leia #1 and that better top 100k, kids.

This issue will also have a BUNCH of variant covers, but maybe not 100 like SW #1. Here are two we liked the first by Whilce Portacio and second by Alex Ross.



  1. It’s the first time in a little bit where I really enjoyed an Alex Ross cover. That’s a stellar piece by him. I hope they put it out as a poster.

  2. So, what’s Marvel doing so right that Dark Horse never figured out in doing twenty years worth of Star Wars comics?

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