Fox has released a final trailer for the upcoming Dark Phoenix film. The teaser for what is likely the final installment of Fox’s X-Men franchise features Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey absorbing and being corrupted by the cosmic Phoenix Force. Check it out:

There’s not a ton of new footage in this trailer compared to previous offerings, though we do get an extended look at both the space mission that turns Jean into Phoenix and the relationship/influence that Jessica Chastain’s character (whose identity is still unknown) has on Jean afterward.
Jessica Chastain and Sophie Turner in DARK PHOENIX
In an interview with The Beat at WonderCon, Turner and actor Tye Sheridan talked about Jean’s arc in the film, with Sheridan mentioning using addiction as a reference point. That seems evident in the shots we see of the core X-Men struggling with what to do about Jean’s turn.
Dark Phoenix is currently on-track for the lowest opening in the franchise’s history, which is not a huge surprise given the sort of ‘lame duck’ status of the film as a result of the merger between Fox and Disney. One still hopes it treats the Dark Phoenix Saga better than its predecessor, 2006’s maligned X-Men: The Last Stand, did.
Dark Phoenix opens on June 7th.


  1. “Dark Phoenix is currently on-track for the lowest opening in the franchise’s history, which is not a huge surprise given the sort of ‘lame duck’ status of the film as a result of the merger between Fox and Disney. ”
    This is a horrible attempt at causation.
    The Fox films /Disney merger is not why more normal people did not show up to see the new x-men movie.
    The most likely reason for is that the general public does not care about the x-men as much as they used to.
    Statements like the one quoted above are an example of why journalism is not respected.

  2. I would like to propose another one: it wasn’t that long ago that every comics review site (that I read anyway; which is The Beat and CBR, for me) offered what I consider to be (undeserved) uncritical 100% support for all things Marvel Studios, and nothing else. There’s the action of confirmation bias and reinforcement at play here. Add to this that most mainstream film reviewers want to review a kid’s film as the greatest fun film that all-ages can go and enjoy that week (and Marvel Studios definitely fits that bill!), then a uniformity is what you get. The latest, fun comics romp for kids, and if you can’t fit that bill, fuck off! (aided and benefited by the critical capacities of vocal comics creators (Dan Slott, Jeff Parker, et al, off the top of my head) that think comics movies for kids are the epitomes of good movies – gee, can you tell what I think?)
    Just my opinion. Snyder’s BvS was rendered a completely shit and uncomprehensible theatrical cut because of such concern (it was bad because it wasn’t allowed to be more). JL was made to be more Marvel-like mid-stream, and what could have been a prettty decent five-movie arc was abandoned (take a look at the Knightmare-scape and compare that to JG Jones’ art in Final Crisis – pretty frickin’ good, IMO). And the X-Men movies weren’t ‘fun’, ‘accessible’, ‘well produced/made with CGI’ (even though in the same sentence or review, the said reviewer bemoans yet another reliance on CGI in a Marvel movie, yet praises those movies’ aesthetics as hands-down superior to the storytelling in Fox) (all my citation quotes here are my own creations, meant to be summative and parodic of a consensus). Have to say, if you look beyond the prism of kids/all ages-movies sent into breaches of grinding out Box-Office, then I think Fox X-Men and the Snyderverse (fans obscured and amazed-that-they-exist by said consensus) do fine. Better than fine, IMO.
    Another Marvel Studios movie. Praise be uniformity and the consensus. Reinforcement, into an oblivion. Of pretty fucking ordinary.

  3. From the way people are beating up on this movie, months before its release, I’m inclined to reserve judgment and actually see the damn thing. When internet nerds single out a movie for hatred, it’s often a pretty good movie.
    But I know that fans are creaming in their jeans over the thought of an Avengers/X-Men team-up movie. That seems to be their only interest in the Disney/Fox merger, except for maybe a Deadpool/Spider-Man team-up. Boring.

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