Cameron Stewart’s excellent webcomic Sin Titulo has finished and will get a hardcover collection from Dark Horse next year. The strip, described as “a dark, neo-noir semi-autobiographical mystery thriller concerned with dreams, family, and memory”, launched in 2007 as part of the TX webcomics collective, and has continued on, with a few lengthy breaks, ever since. It won the Eisner Award for Best Webcomic in 2010

The breaks were mostly due to Stewart’s work on such things as BATMAN AND ROBIN, but he took a leave from superhero work to finish the strip, among other things, and wrapped it up on October 19th.

Now he’s announced the collected version, and explains why he didn’t go with Kickstarter:

Now that the story is complete, I can reveal that I have signed a publishing contract with Dark Horse Comics to release the complete Sin Titulo in hardcover in 2013. The book will be printed “landscape” format, preserving the format of the webcomic. Price is as yet undetermined but I am told that it will be affordable.  I will be doing some revisions, mainly tidying up lettering and colour, so that it looks its best in print.

Many people have opined that I should have gone through Kickstarter rather than a publisher, but I actually agreed to publish through Dark Horse a couple of years ago, before Kickstarter had shown itself to be a viable means of funding. From my conversations with Dark Horse it’s clear that they really love the story and will do their utmost to produce a beautiful, high quality book. I think Kickstarter is for the most part a great means of funding projects, and I may  still use it in the future for another comic, but for now I am very comfortable and confident that Dark Horse is the best home for Sin Titulo. I hope you will agree.


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