There’s no worse feeling for a pet owner than a lost pet. People make signs and go door-to-door looking for their companion animal. As hard as that might be within even a small neighborhood, imagine if your pet was lost somewhere in outer space.
That’s the premise behind a set of teasers that Dark Horse Comics has released for a new series. Strayed appears to center on the search for Lou, a cat who is also an explorer in outer space. In a series of tweets, the publisher unveiled “Missing Cat” teaser images for the series, with different creators tagged in each post:

The full creative team for the series, at least as revealed so far, includes writer Carlos Giffoni, artist Juan Doe, and letterers Matt Krotzer and Chas! Pangburn. More teases are likely in the offing for this series, given the “/?” designation in the publisher’s thread.
Lou is in good company when it comes to being a cat in space. Jonesy in 1979’s Alien may be the most famous space cat. Notable comic book space cats include the Dex-Starr, a blood-spewing feline member of the Red Lantern Corps, and Chewie, Carol Danvers’s cat who is (spoiler) secretly an alien flerken. The recent AHOY Comics series Captain Ginger starred a society of space-faring anthropomorphic cats.
Check out the full-sized teaser images below. We’ll have more information on Strayed as it becomes available.
Strayed Teaser #1
Strayed Teaser #2
Strayed Teaser #3

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