Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! is coming to English readers this fall, thanks to Dark Horse. Originally a 2017 manga written and illustrated by Sumito Ōwara, the title pulled in hordes of adoring fans in a short, 12 episode anime run on Crunchyroll that wrapped up just a few weeks ago.

Thankfully, the fun isn’t ending there. Dark Horse is publishing the first English language translation of the series, to be in comic shops on September 2 and in book stores on September 15, at a $12.99 price point.

Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! is a delightful story of creativity and production, told through the eyes of its three main characters, Asakusa, Mizusaki, and Kanamori. Together, they make anime, conquer financial woes and become close friends comrades.

Check out Dark Horse’s official synopsis below and remember: Keep Your Hands OFF Eizouken!

Three high school girls, Asakusa, Mizusaki, and Kanamori, bring together their three loves: worldbuilding, animation, and money! They’re called Eizouken, the 3-person club determined to produce a spectacular science fiction anime! However, with little budget from their school and a leaky warehouse for a studio, Eizouken is going to have to work hard and use their imagination…the one thing they’ve got plenty of!

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