Christopher “MINK” Morrison and Yoshitaka Amano’s 2010 collaboration Shinjuku will be given a second edition September 21, 2022 by Dark Horse Books. Bookstore release will be October 4.

Shinjuku second printing

The Shinjuku second edition will, according to Dark Horse, come in an “oversized, hardcover art book format and will include a soft lamination cover.”

More via PR:

Dark Horse Books presents the second edition of Shinjuku. The horror-action book is written by film and video director Christopher “mink” Morrison, with art by Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D), and has previously been adapted to animation by Academy Award-nominated Robert Valley. This new edition will be published in an oversized, hardcover art book format and will include a soft lamination cover.

Former special forces soldier, now elite Scout bounty hunter, Daniel Legend is leaving the mean streets of Los Angeles for the meaner streets of Shinjuku. In the real world, Tokyo’s most cosmopolitan ward is a center of metropolitan power, the crossroads of traffic, and a den of vice. But in Shinjuku, Daniel Legend, in search of his missing sister Angela, discovers Shinjuku the unreal city, a nexus of realities riddled with underground pathways. In this realm where lowlife crooks and subterranean monsters alike spill blood in the shadows, three rival yakuza leaders hold control over every earthly crime in a tense triad of greed. Yet for one mobster lord, Shi, no amount of worldly gain is enough to satisfy him. He plans an unholy scheme to seize control over all existence, merging mysticism with the visionary quantum research that was the legacy of Daniel and Angela’s father!

Yoshitaka Amano is an award-winning multidisciplinary Japanese artist who is probably best known in the west for his visual design work on the Final Fantasy series – which exploded in popularity overseas with Final Fantasy VII. He has also produced character designs, illustrations, scene designs, and costume design in film, theatre, and animation – as well as a painter for the gallery space. As a freelancer overseas, Amano illustrated Neil Gaiman’s 1999 Stoker Award-winning The Sandman: The Dream Hunters and partnered with Greg Rucka in 2002 on Marvel’s Elektra and Wolverine: The Redeemer miniseries.

MINK is a British-American film writer, director and producer who was part of Quintin Tarantino’s former production company A Band Apart.