Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel to James Cameron‘s 2009 blockbuster, is set to debut in theaters this weekend. With early reviews heaping praise upon the film, box office domination is pretty much assured at this point, and for fans who want more of Avatar, Dark Horse Comics has you covered, as the publisher was eager to remind librarians in their latest Library News mailing.

Avatar made its Dark Horse Comics debut in 2017 as part of Free Comic Book Day offering for the year. In 2019 the publisher released Avatar: Tsu’Tey’s Path, a six-issue series which expanded the backstory for the character Tsu’Tey from the original film. Other series like The Next Shadow and Adapt or Die have followed, along with a three-volume graphic novel series, The High Ground, which is billed as a direct prequel to Avatar: The Way of Water.

Check out all the info on Avatar-related offerings from Dark Horse (not to be confused with Dark Horse’s Avatar: The Last Airbender offerings, naturally) below. Collected editions of Tsu’Tey’s Path and The Next Shadow, as well as the three The High Ground hardcover graphic novels, are all available in comic shops now, while a collection of Adapt or Die is due out in February.

Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path

Written by Sherri L. Smith
Art by Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons, Wes Dzioba and Shea Standefer

From his first meeting with Jake Sully to his acceptance of the Last Shadow, Tsu’tey’s life takes a path he could not anticipate, and which the film told only a part. Return to Pandora as the story of Avatar is told from the perspective of Tsu’tey, warrior of the Omatikaya tribe.

Avatar: The Next Shadow

Written by Jeremy Barlow
Art by Josh Hood, Wes Dzioba and Guilherme Balbi

Clan rivalries erupt amid turmoil in an untold story set immediately after the events of James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster film Avatar!

Jake Sully maintains his position as leader of the Omatikaya Na’vi tribe, but with their Hometree destroyed, he begins to doubt his place among them. As the Na’vi and human feud persists, tensions between the tribes begin to escalate as longstanding family animosities ignite–spawning treachery and betrayal!

Avatar: Adapt or Die

Written by Corinna Bechko
Art by Beni R. Lobel, Mark Molchan and Wes Dzioba

Dr. Grace Augustine must fight the clock—and politics—to stop an unprecedented disaster in this untold story set over a decade before the events of Avatar!

Years into the advent of the Avatar program on Pandora, pressure to bridge the divide between human and Na’vi has hit a peak. Dr. Grace Augustine realizes the best way to ease tensions is to learn from one another—sharing knowledge and gaining a mutual understanding of each other’s ways of living. She begins negotiations to open a school for Na’vi children, but her plans to repair relations leads to unintended consequences.

After a visit to Hell’s Gate, the Na’vi children succumb to a virulent illness and as the affliction escalates, so do accusations of betrayal and malice. Grace must navigate human politics to work with the Na’vi to find a cure . . . but can they trust her?

Avatar: The High Ground Volume 1

Written by Sherri L. Smith
Art by Guilherme Balbi, Michael Atiyeh, Wes Dzioba, and Doug Wheatley

It has been over a decade since the humans were forced to leave Pandora—but now they’re returning—with an armada of heavily-armed starships!

After years of peace, Jake Sully has settled down with Neytiri and raised a family, so for him, the stakes are even higher than when he first went to war against the corporate might of the RDA.

Avatar: The High Ground Volume 1 ventures into all-new territory in the Avatar saga, and is a direct prequel to the highly-anticipated film sequel Avatar: The Way of Water!

Avatar: The High Ground Volume 2

Written by Sherri L. Smith
Art by Diego Galindo, Gabriel Guzman, George Quadros, DC Alonso, and Doug Wheatley

Knowing this day would come, Jake has trained his Na’vi warriors with a plan that should make it too costly for the humans to try again . . . if the plan works.

But any chain of events is only as strong as the weakest link, and in this case the weak link is human nature. As the plan unravels, Jake and Neytiri must race against time to return to Pandora and save their children before the starships land.

Avatar: The High Ground Volume 3

Written by Sherri L. Smith
Art by Agustin Padilla, Miguel Angel Ruiz, Mike Atiyeh, and Doug Wheatley

The Sky People are planet-side, and taking Hell’s Gate by storm. Jake and Neytiri’s children are still on base, surrounded and outgunned. Years of advancement on Earth means they’ll be bringing more firepower than Jake could anticipate. Unable to fully rely on his intel, Jake will have to improvise and risk it all to protect his family, his people, and their home. The battle is underway and every Na’vi is in danger.

Experience the epic finale of James Cameron’s original story “The High Ground” in this graphic novel adaptation!