Literati Press Comics & Novels has three new releases, including two Edward Gorey-style graphic novellas (including a collaboration with a celebrated poet) and a middle-grade adventure tale. Check them out below!

Literati Press

There Once Was A Mouse by Joe Worley

First of a two-issue arc about an adventurous mouse helping his lizard friend cross the city in a zeppelin in search of a mysterious artifact.

This exciting new story from Literati Press is a lighthearted action/adventure thrill ride. Along the way, Mouse meets new friends, faces new foes, and must unravel a mystery to make it out alive. The story takes place, not in some fictional realm but, in our very own Midwest. If you are native to this region it’s very likely you have caught a glimpse of some of the characters featured in this book or perhaps just missed them hiding out of sight.

Literati Press

Beyond the Quantum: An Existential Crisis in 5 Acts by Dorshak Blok and Angie LaPaglia

30 mind-expanding illustrations wrapped in a narrative that stares into the abyss and calls its bluff.

A genre-bending cult classic in the making, this collaboration brought together poet Angie LaPaglia and illustrator Dorshak Blok to examine a life not of our choosing.

Literati Press

Bloody Honey by Dorshak Blok

Herein lies the story of two friends, Ivan A. Alexander and Jingle Heimer S.V.S.

The bind-up of Dorshak Blok’s stunning graphic novellas, debuting his dark, dense, and lushly illustrated storybooks for adults to the world.