By Joe Grunenwald

With a catalog of coloring books that already includes Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Adventure Time, Dark Horse is adding another gem to their line-up with the first official Steven Universe coloring book. The book, a collaboration between Dark Horse and Cartoon Network, will feature over 40 pieces of black-and-white Steven Universe art just waiting for fans’ markers, crayons, and colored pencils. If you always thought Peridot would look better purple, or Amethyst should try teal once in a while, now’s your chance.

Look for Steven Universe Coloring Book Volume 1 in September.

Official Press Release

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (April 2, 2018)—Today, Dark Horse and Cartoon Network are proud to present the Steven Universe Coloring Book Volume 1! Based on Cartoon Network’s Emmy-nominated animated series, Steven Universe revolves around Steven, the “little brother” to a team of magical aliens—the Crystal Gems—who defend the planet Earth. Steven is the son of the Crystal Gems’ late leader Rose Quartz and aging aspiring rock star Mr. Universe. Steven belongs everywhere and nowhere: he has inherited his mother’s Gem and her magical powers, but also his father’s humanity and charm. The show is a slice-of-life action comedy that follows Steven as he attempts to bridge the gap between the sci-fi fantasy world of Gems and the cozy, funny, simple-yet-extraordinarily-complicated world of human beings. Created by Emmy and Annie Award-nominated writer and New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe is produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

Steven Universe Coloring Book Volume 1 allows fans to head down to Beach City and create their own artistic vision through color! This book includes 45 original black-and-white illustrations by artists including Gale Galligan, Coleman Engle, Aatmaja Pandya, Constanza Yovaniniz, and Rica Diaz! Relive all your favorite moments from the show, from Ruby and Sapphire’s first meeting, to Stevonnie’s show down with Jasper, to Lars of the Stars—colored however you choose!

Steven Universe Coloring Book Volume 1 goes on sale September 26, 2018, and retails for $14.99.