fantasy comic ReaverThis July, writer Justin Jordan and artist Rebekah Isaacs will launch a new dark fantasy comic called Reaver, which publisher Image Comics is billing as a great way to ease looming Game of Thrones withdrawal.
To be clear, the comic has no direct connection to Game of Thrones, other than a shared thematic interest in gritty fantasy lands riven by warfare. Reaver is set on the continent of Madaras, which once promised a new start for settlers but is now torn by war. There’s a darkness building there, and the powers that be assemble a team of six disreputable prisoners to stop it. This includes a turncoat, a serial killer, and the Devil’s actual son, among others. They’re kind of like an evil high fantasy Dirty Half Dozen.
In advance of the announcement, Jordan had this to say about his new fantasy comic Reaver to Polygon:

“If you like your fantasy grim, dark and bloody, Reaver is the book for you. I’ve been working on this for years, and it’s finally time to see the gory baby that Rebekah and I have created.”

The creative team’s past credits are an interesting mix. Jordan is perhaps best known for his creator-owned theological horror comic Luther Strode. Isaacs, meanwhile, worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer before it moved to BOOM! from Dark Horse. In addition to that team, artist Becky Cloonan will provide the first issue’s cover. Reaver #1 is due out from Image/Skybound on July 10.

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