The ongoing Daredevil series written by Chip Zdarsky and featuring art by Marco ChecchettoMike Hawthorne, Manuel Garcia, and more is drawing to a close. Marvel has announced that November’s Daredevil #36 will be the final issue of the series…though not necessarily the final issue of Zdarsky & Checchetto’s time on the character.

Here’s how Marvel describes the issue, which will feature the wedding of Wilson Fisk and Typhoid Mary:

After a romance that’s blossomed over the last two years in DAREDEVIL, Mayor Wilson Fisk and Typhoid Mary are prepared to tie the knot! But in a fashion truly befitting The House of Ideas, calamity is right around the corner for the happy couple! Also discover who will be left standing as Daredevil: Matt Murdock or Electra Natchios?

Daredevil has been a consistent bright spot among Marvel’s lineup over the past few years. Meticulously plotted and beautifully illustrated, like all great DD creative teams Zdarsky, Checchetto, and co. have put Matt Murdock through the proverbial ringer physically and emotionally. In the announcement Zdarsky described November’s issue as the start of the next chapter in DD’s story:

“I know writers like to say things like “it’s all been building toward this!!” but, really, it has,” Zdarsky said. “When I sat down to write issue one, I knew that this issue was waiting and that it was going to drastically alter the lives of the Daredevil cast. Issue 36 is NOT an ending, it’s a beginning.”

Interestingly, the thirty-sixth issue of a Daredevil series being its last is not unprecedented for the character or the title. Mark Waid and Chris Samnee‘s Daredevil also ended with issue #36, relaunching soon after with both Waid and Samnee returning for the new #1. That issue ended with a massive status quo shift for DD, as Matt Murdock admitted in court to being Daredevil. Will a similar shift necessitate the end of this current series?

The Daredevil news comes on the heels of Zdarsky’s announcement of his own deal with Substack, which will see him produce new creator-owned work on the platform. That announcement didn’t indicate he would be leaving behind his work-for-hire gigs, though, and it sounds like Marvel will have more news about the future of Zdarsky & Checchetto’s work on the character at the end of this month.

Daredevil #36 arrives in stores in November.