Marvel appears set to announce a new Iron Fist book tomorrow and in anticipation released a teaser image drawn by Gunji, homaging that iconic page from Amazing Spider-Man #50 drawn by John Romita, that seems to indicate that Danny Rand is abandoning the mantle of the Iron Fist.

Danny Rand

In the recent Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon miniseries from writer Larry Hama and artist David Wachter, Danny Rand transferred the powers of the Iron Fist to Dora Milaje warrior Okoye but refused to accept it back. By the end of the miniseries, Okoye transferred the Iron Fist powers into a dragon’s egg so that someone else would come along and claim the power when the time was right.

By the end, Danny told his best bud Luke Cage that he intends to live life to its fullest.”

Danny Rand and Iron Fist has a turbulent few years in no small part to the the controversy surrounding the Netflix Iron Fist live-action series. Considering that the entire origin of the character – a white kid who goes to a mystic Asian city and learns their ways – is steeped in the tropes of the white savior and cultural appropriation, it’s not at all that surprising. Moreover, Marvel definitely has been taking steps for better representation. For instance, the problematic issue of Betsy Braddock inhabiting the body of a Japanese woman Kwannon is one that the publisher rectified a few years ago when they had Betsy return to her original body and take on the mantle of Captain Britain.

Stay tuned for details tomorrow for details on this new Iron Fist series and who will take on the mantle.


  1. “a white kid who goes to a mystic Asian city and learns their ways” you mean like the Doctor Sranger movie with which Marvel had no problem? lmao

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