In Transfiguration, a short comic by Liz Leslie posted to Twitter, the lyrics of The Mountain Goats are used to tell the story of a trans woman who is subjected to a witch burning… but who ultimately turns the tables on the villagers who wronged her.

Be advised that this comic does include depictions of transphobic violence; however, you can rest assured that at the story’s conclusion, catharsis has been achieved.

“Heretic Pride”

Transfiguration includes words taken from The Mountain Goats song “Heretic Pride,” from the 2008 album of the same name.

While the comic does have a color cover, the pages are presented in pale blue, pink, and white, the three colors of the trans pride flag – and do observe how color is used to convey additional information over the course of the narrative.

In the end, the protagonist of the comic is able to emerge victorious, successfully punching up at the transphobic mob and emerging from the experience like a butterfly from a fiery chrysalis… leaving those who would have done her harm charred in her wake.

In addition to Transfiguration: Halloween puns

You can read Transfiguration on Leslie’s Twitter timeline.

And while you’re there, Leslie has also been posting cartoons completed for Halloween cards, so you can follow the somewhat serious Transfiguration with some lighter, pun-based fare.

Have you had a chance to read Transfiguration? Did you listen to The Mountain Goats afterwards? What is your favorite Halloween pun?

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