There are always a few surprises when the solicitations come out and DC certainly had some when the July edition came out yesterday.

  • First off, we know where Dan Jurgens has landed after his Action Comics run: Green Lanterns.  He’ll be starting with issue #50 with art by Mike Perkins, who recently moved to DC after more than a decade at Marvel.  (Seems like somebody else left Marvel for DC a few months back.  Also something to do with Action Comics.)
  • Yes, July is the month the fiftieth issues hit.  Wonder Woman gets a creative change after #50, though.  #50 is the usual suspects of James Robinson and Jesus Merino, but #51 touts “guest writer” Steve Orlando and artist Laura Braga.
  • The listing for Batgirl #25 mentions a look at the next arc by Mairghread Scott and Paul Pelletier , so change is in the air over there, too.
  • Finally, if you were of the opinion that the colors of the various Lantern Corps were a bit too basic, Scott Snyder has you covered.  In Justice League #3, John Stewart becomes the Ultraviolet Lantern.  And it seems ultraviolet lends itself to ultra violence.

We’ll leave you with the cover to Mister Miracle #10 for reasons that should be apparent.


  1. Also, Raven: Daughter of Darkness is missing from the July solicits for no stated reason. I assume that it’s a break month for the 12-issue miniseries probably because Pop Mhan is working on another book.

  2. Jurgens’s involvement in Green Lantern might bring me back to a Lantern title for the first time in more than a decade. I think he’ll be a great match for that corner of the universe.

  3. Ha, fair enough. But Green Lantern is a title where a new voice wouldn’t interest me; I’m looking for a steady, experienced hand at the rudder, with a sense of the character that extends beyond Johns’s repositioning of it as a series of multicolored factions.

    I’m all for new voices on old superheroes — but they’re more likely to get me to buy a book I’m on the fence about than an old favorite I’d long ago set aside. I’m not speaking for “the market” or “comics” in general. Just saying what would get me to part with $3 for a Green Lantern book these days.

  4. Looking forward to Jurgens on Green Lanterns… and the news of a new creative team for Wonder Woman is good news as well.

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