A few weeks ago we noted that convicted child molester, and Dragon Con co-founder Ed Kramer had reappeared on social media and appeared to be targeting people and institutions that dealt with disabled children, while posing as a psychologist. Following hisconvictionlast year, Kramer avoided jail time by pleading physical infirmities, and was sentenced to house instead. Wowever the Gwinnett county DA is watching his actions closely…a single probation violation and Kramer could finally go to jail.

While some thought Kramer friending a few teens on Twitter might violate the terms of his probabtion, which prevents from from having contact “either direct or indirect with any person under the age of 16.” But, alas, accordingto the DA, Kramer got away again:

Final verification was expected to come down Friday, but Porter said it appeared that the Australian girl followed Kramer of her own volition and without any contact with or approval from Kramer, who was not following her back.

The Google+ connection was not a violation either since the boy in question is now 17 years old.

“Even if Kramer did that intentionally,” Porter said, “it would not be a violation of his probation.”

WELP. Too bad. THIS TIME.I’m sure people are going to keep an eye on Kramer and his online activities