fanta40cyber.gifFantagraphics is having a site wide 40% off sale for Cyber Monday. Seriously, get your gifting done early — they’ve even provided a gift guide. A few of our own suggestions:

For anyone anywhere: a Peanuts volume, perhaps this classic Sundays collection in color with all the 60s Sundays in a boxed set. BTW this reprint project just wrapped up and THEY SAID IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.


For the art enthusiast: The Gaze of Drifting Skies: A Treasury of Bird’s Eye Cartoon Views. In the early part of the 20th century that had neither TV now internet and had to pass the time looking at amazingly intricate cartoons of busy scenes drawn from above.  Relive the good ole days!

For the person who knows a Millennial: Fante Bukowski. Noah van Sciver’s portrait of a wannabe will cause you to either emit peals of merry laughter or squirm uncomfortably. A sequel is coming in 2027! Can we stand the pain?