It’s Election Day in California which means I’ll be doing my civic duty and voting. In elementary school we got to learn all about the punch out ballot system and a fellow classmate who we’ll call Kim had the chance to cast a fake ballot. I was filled with jealously, voting looked like a great time. That’s the type of child I was. When I wasn’t geeking out over voting, however, I was usually getting scolded by teachers for laughing. I miss that. So I’m bringing back some humor into our lives with three crowdfunding projects aimed at tickling you in perhaps more ways than one.

1. SILVER: Volume 4

The final volume of the Stephan Franck series SILVER is here and ready for your consumption. Well, almost. You may know Franck from some of his work on animated classics like The Iron Giant and How to Train Your Dragon. Franck wants to bring the series to a close with Volume 4 but needs your help.

The SILVER series is set 30 years after Professor Abraham Van Helsing visited Dracula’s castle. It tells the story of a team of capers, including Van Helsing’s descendant Rosalynd as they attempt to steal the treasures of Europe’s most powerful vampires. Think Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Ocean’s 11 type tom-foolery. It’s humorous, pulpy and just generally a good bit of fun. The fourth volume will feature the rag-tag team of characters teaming up for the largest heist of their careers. SILVER: Volume 4 will be published as a Trade Paperback, 152 pages and is rated Teen.

Preview from SILVER: Volume 4

Here’s a synopsis of what readers can expect in the final volume of the series:

Will Finnigan, Sledge, Tao, and their band of thieves get away with the Silver Dragon? Will they escape the world’s most dangerous vampires? And will they find the redemption they desperately need? All will be revealed as the saga concludes with an explosive 4th volume full of epic and relentless action, a volume that will make you laugh, make you cry, and keep you guessing until the very end!

Franck has successfully crowdfunded the previous three volumes of SILVER, so he’s definitely got a track record of producing the goods. According to the campaign’s fundraising page, Volume 4 is nearing completion. Fanck is finalizing and inking the last pages. There are numerous rewards available including access to the previous three volumes of the series. There’s lots of customization available to backers as well. Art prints featuring the characters of the series are made available from Takeshi Miyazawa (Ms. Marvel), animator Rodolphe Guenoden (Kung-Fu Panda), and illustrator Mel Milton.

Finnigan & Sledge, art by Takeshi Miyazawa, color by Stephan Franck

Franck publishes SILVER through Dark Planet Comics, the home to his commercial and entertainment properties. He is hoping to raise $12,000 to print and publish the final volume of the series by June 28.

2. Captain Imani and the Cosmic Chase: The Complete Edition

Erotic sci-fi comedy on a Tuesday? Yes, I’ll take a dozen.

Previously published in 2018 by the erotic webcomic publisher Slipshine Studio, the creators are hoping to bring the delightful story of legendary Captain Shihab Imani into the physical world. This graphic novel comes to us from writer Lin (Malaise) and UK based comic artist Capp (Tabula Idem), along with the help of editor Isabelle Melançon of Slipshine Studio. Below you’ll find a preview of the graphic novel’s pages, as you can see it has a fantastic color story.

Preview of the full-color graphic novel

Here’s an excellent synopsis from the team’s Kickstarter page:

Designed to be read like the ‘behind the scenes’ of an old sci-fi serial, Captain Imani and the Cosmic Chase follows the sexy adventures of Captain Shihab Imani, a much-beloved, highly decorated starship captain whose efforts to capture his arch nemesis, the roguish smuggler Silo “Lazerboots” Haze, have consumed much of his career. With the help of his alien lieutenant, Via Auriga, Imani pursues Silo across the galaxy – but theirs is a strange, obsessive chase, motivated as much by frustrated desire and longing as it is justice.

This comic is definitely NSFW

It’s definitely a comic meant for the 18 and older crowd. But let’s be honest, we could all benefit from more erotic space stories in our lives. The primary purpose of this Kickstarter is to help fund the printing of the 90-page graphic novel. Backers can choose between four levels. The first level will snag you three postcards of the main characters, the remaining three levels all include the graphic novel. The backer tiers are designed to be simple and straightforward, that’s something I can definitely appreciate. The team is hoping to raise $1,597 by July 5.

RUNNERS: Volume 1

Cover for Runners: Volume 1: Bad Goods

Writer and artist Sean Wang (Meltdown, Tick and Arthur) knows how to tell a funny story. That may seem simple but it’s actually far from it. Runners Volume 1 was originally published in black and white, but Sean Wang has decided to revisit the fan favorite and bring us a revitalized edition in color. This crowdfunding campaign is hoping to raise enough money to help Wang color Volume 1 of the series entitled “Bad Goods”.

The series follows a crew of alien smugglers led by captain Roka Nostaco and co-pilot Ril Mar. The team is rounded out with sharpshooter Cember Koji, former mob enforcer Bennesaud, Bocce (complete with shape-shifting energy arm) and the mysterious Sky. As is usually the case when you assemble a team of alien smugglers, things don’t always go according to plan. In volume one of the series we see just how bad things can get. From frantic shootouts with pirates, dogfights with bounty-hunters and chases through the streets of an alien space station, there’s a lot going wrong for the team of misfits. If you want to know more about Runners, you can check it out visiting the website dedicated to the series.

This Kickstarter is raising funds to produce the following items:

  • Paperback or Kickstarter exclusive hardcover
  • 176 pages, with the entire story newly colored
  • The very first 7-page short story
  • Sketchbook pages
  • Bonus content new to the color edition

There are also a lot of rewards, like more than I can list out here without annoying all of you. The rewards are separated out into both campaign and retailer tiers along with the ability to customize add-ons. Most of the rewards include Volume 1 (duh) and character sketches, character cards and some super-special-inked pieces of the cast from Sean Wang.

Backer reward available for Runners: Vol 1. Set of three 8”x10” prints

As Sean doesn’t have to write Volume 1, he doesn’t foresee many instances where delays or hardships may occur. Wang has also previously published Volume 2 of Runners using Kickstarter, so that bodes well for his ability to deliver on this campaigns promises and timeline. This campaign will be funding through June 24 and is hoping to raise $12,000.

Well, I’m off to vote. Until we meet again!