Welcome back to The Beat‘s weekly crowdfunding comics round-up! Each week we’ll spotlight comics projects we think would be a great investment, whether it’s a one-shot story or a sprawling anthology. In this week’s round-up, we have the haunting horror tale Tomb of the White Horse, an anthology of hopeful stories of life after catastrophe, and three more wonderful anthologies to check out.

Let’s get going!

1. ComixCentral Presents: The Best of Indie Anthology 2019

ComixCentral Presents: The Best of Indie Anthology 2019

Goal: Approx $4505 USD
Ends: Sun, September 1 2019 3:00 PM EST
Creators: Anthology
Best Value Tier: Approx $11 USD for a digital copy
Family – Blood or not, family can mean something different to everyone. We wanted to celebrate the family bond that exists within the comics community. We asked for stories that revolved around a family like structure. They extended into other genres but all contain a family element.

ComixCentral’s Best of Indie Anthology 2019 brings together more than two dozen creators to tell fifteen different stories about families of all kinds. This is an all-ages anthology featuring creators like writer Rob Pilkington and artist Val Halvorson, whose NIGHT+GAIL looks particularly exciting based on teasers the Pilkington has shared on Twitter. $11 USD (give or take a dollar or two depending on CAD exchange rates) is a solid deal for a digital copy, particularly since (per the team) the book is print-ready and it sounds like there should be minimal digital delivery delays.

You can back the campaign here.



Goal: $3,500 USD
Ends: Wed, September 4 2019 8:00 AM EST
Creators: Benjamin AE Filby (Co-Creator), Ian Mondrick (Co-Creator), Lesley Atlansky (Colorist), Zaak Samm (Letterer)
Best Value Tier: $4 USD for a digital copy
Snow falls, tensions rise, and the presence of this package pulls the crew closer to the abyss of insanity. Blood will be spilled, sacrifices made, and by dawn humanity will be privy to what lies within THE TOMB. TOMB OF THE WHITE HORSE is a 36-page full color one-shot comic that is both a standalone story and the first of a four part horror series.

TOMB OF THE WHITE HORSE captures all the classic elements of horror: remote isolation, mysterious gifts, the frustrating interpersonal tension of too close quarters and too many mysteries. Every tier will get you a PDF version — $4 is a slam-dunk commitment if you’re looking to stock up on some spooky reads before Halloween, but if you’re a comics pro looking for some guidance, $100 will get you a portfolio review from Becky Shepherd or Adam Ferris, or a script review from Nadia Shammas or Eric Palicki (or a pitch review, in Shammas’ case).

You can back the campaign here.

3. Life Finds A Way

Life Finds A Way

Goal: Approx $10,512 USD
Ends: Sat, September 14 2019 7:54 PM EST.
Creators: Anthology
Best Value Tier: Approx $8 USD for a digital copy
We want to tell stories of humanity at its best, despite dire circumstances. We want to explore how to look at an apocalypse as a problem to be solved. We want to remind people that creativity, resilience, and community are the strengths of humanity. Just because the world as we knew it is gone doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to end with it.

If you’re anything like me, a light at the end of the tunnel would feel welcome lately! Life Finds A Way brings together more than 30 creators from around the world to explore life after all nature of apocalypses, from supernatural to high tech. Approximately $8 USD will get you a digital edition of the full 180 page anthology, but if you’re really looking to invest, $170 USD will get you the entire Cloudscape publishing library, including more post-apocalyptic tales like Una the Blade.

You can back the campaign here.

4. klub zin #4

klub zin #4

Goal: Approx $1662 USD
Ends: Sun, September 29 2019 8:26 AM EST.
Creators: Anthology
Best Value Tier: Approx $9 USD for a PDF
alternative comic and illustration magazine from kraków, poland! this issue has 19 artists interpreting a theme “fuzzy memory.”

klub zin’s campaign page is worth checking out for the preview art alone; klub zin publisher Anna Maria Leopold has brought together nineteen artists to create some truly stunning artwork in myriad styles, all with profoundly different energies. Approximately $9 USD will net you a PDF copy, but if you can swing the higher cost of shipping, approx $31 USD will get you what’s sure to be a stunning physical copy of the magazine.

You can back the campaign here.

5. Miss Anthology Volume 3

Miss Anthology Volume 3

Goal: $6600 USD
Ends: Sun, September 22 2019 5:02 PM EST
Creators: Anthology
Best Value Tier: $5 USD for a PDF
Miss Anthology Volume 3 is our third anthology, and our second time printing via Kickstarter. Miss Anthology is made up of two parts: one is a free workshop series, and the other is publishing annual anthologies.

Miss Anthology is an extremely rad project, not just in terms of the anthology, but its work and ethos — Miss Anthology runs a series of workshops for young marginalized creators, helping them develop their skills and, with the anthology, providing them with a published comic credit to carry through their careers. The set-up of the program means the anthology carries stories across genres and all different kinds of art styles from diverse creators ranging in ages from 9-22. $5 will get you a PDF of the anthology; $15 will get you PDFs of all three volumes.

You can back the campaign here.

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