The first is already funded, but Paul Hornschemeier is trying to Kickstarter a second short animated film. The first is called Giant Sloth and it stars the voice of Paul Giamatti as a man who works in a museum and slowly losing his sanity. A giant sloth is involved. So we’ve got all out bases, including cryptozoology, covered here.


If you’re a fan of Hornschemeier’s comics like Mother, Come Home and Life with Mister Dangerous—meticulous dissections of hesitancy, fear and depression and other real life struggles—you will probably like this cartoon. And it looks great. I was unaware that Horns–er, Paul was more involved in animation now, but his talents seem suited to expansion to that medium.

The museum where Gordon Boonewell works – The Benchley Museum of Cultural and Natural History – has fallen on hard times. Attendance is down and they’ve been in the red for ages. So it’s no surprise when the museum privatizes… no surprise to anyone other than Gordon.

But Gordon is a curator of the past, a man set in his ways. Ways that are being systematically erased, dumping him into a world he’s willfully ignored. Unable to cope with the upheaval alone, Gordon begins to suffer hallucinations. Or at least he hopesthey’re hallucinations…