A new day a new Kickstarter but this one is notable: a collection of comics essays by Mike Dawson called Rules For Dating My Daughter. Although the book will contain new material, som of it originally ran on The Comics Journal, Slate Magazine, and The Nib. Here’s one from The Nib which we admired before, “Longstreet Farm.” Dawson’s take on things is very funny but he spend a lot of time asking a lot of questions:

This book is a journey. It begins with the simple question, Am I Good? and expands from there. Am I good because I try to be an engaged father? What does being an engaged father mean? What does it mean to respect my children as separate individuals apart from myself? I like the sound of being a “Feminist Father”, but what does that really entail? Can it even be considered ethical to have brought children into such a terrible world?

Dawson last gained a lot of attention for is analysis of the life of the mid career cartoonist following a less than hoped for response to his last graphic novel, Angie Bongiolatti, which I still have to look up the spelling of every time I mention it. His turn to shorter comics was partly a reaction to all of this, and I think he’s found a good meter for his work. The kickstarter has gotten off to a pretty good start but I’m sure Mike will be sweating it every day so just go order a copy.

Here’s a page that covers the whole L’Affaire Bongiolatti:



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