Veteran comics writer James Hudnall, writer of Harsh Realm, ESPers, The Psycho and currently Blue Cat in Aces Weekly, has fallen on some difficult times and will lose a foot to a diabetic ulcer. I have no idea if Hudnall is insured or not, but he’s sure to lose a few weeks of work and has set up a fund called Get James Hudnall Back on His Foot to help him over this period. He had recently moved to Austin and was not prepared for this financially.

Best wishes to Hudnall for a swift recovery.


  1. I met James at the last convention @ the Irving Convention Center. James is a pretty nice guy and if anyone deserves a helping hand it’s him. Hope people can help him out and look very forward to seeing him @ the Dallas convention circuit again!

  2. The guy whose idea of ‘humor’ is the First Lady eating too many hamburgers wants my money? Cry me a river, buddy.

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