While the party is going on here at HeroesCon, a few faces are missing, among them writer Steve Niles, who had to cancel due to deadlines, and also the fact that he is caring for two young rescue kittens. Niles has been plastering his Facebook page with pictures of the young cats and after one look, you can tell why he wanted to stay home. As delightful as HeroesCon is, watching kittens romp and play might just be even more delightful.

Here’s more kitten porn from the Niles Files.



Niles actually has a 9-critter menagerie including his giant turtle Gil, seen above with Yob. Could you leave the house with this floor show?


Niles also has an art collection featuring Gil. This is a piece by Bill Sienkiewicz which is a great reminder that Bill Sienkiewicz can draw nearly anything and make it amazing. 

And luckily for fans, Bill Sienkiewicz IS at HeroesCon!


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