A new Cover TV series is headed to HBO Max with the creators of the comic – Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack – attached.

Variety reported today that the animated show was in development, with Rooster Teeth Studios producing. Cover was part of the new wave of creator-owned titles published in conjunction with Bendis’ imprint Jinxworld and DC Comics upon his switch to the publisher from Marvel Comics in 2018.

The concept turns comic book creators into CIA assets, telling a story that features a fun mix of industry insider references (many of the characters are analogs for real creators, and some scenes basically challenge readers to guess who is who) with pulpy espionage elements. The book was written by Bendis and illustrated by Mack, and it was billed as being based on consulting experiences the duo have had with intelligence agencies, the exact wording in the solicit being, “And it’s all kind of based on a true story.”

The production deal stands out for the way it brings the creators of the book along with it, with Bendis being tapped to write the new series and Mack to direct. Mack has previously been nominated for an Emmy for his work on the Jessica Jones title sequence. So, that’s what’s up with the Cover TV series.

As a comic, Cover’s future seems a bit less certain. While the creators have said on social media that there will be more of it, Jinxworld’s future seems a bit in flux, at least in terms of its most-recent iteration, partnering with DC Comics, as the publisher has cut back the number of titles it produces of late.

Cover TV series