Freaking Romance creator SnaiLords self-portrait. He is wearing a hoodie, slacks, and socks, and drinking from a coffee mug labeled, "World's Okayest Creator."

The smash-hit supernatural romance comic Freaking Romance by Snailords is getting a physical release through WEBTOON Unscrolled, and The Beat has the exclusive cover reveal! Freaking Romance Vol. 1 collects episodes 1 through 21 and is scheduled for publication on September 26th, 2023, but you can get your first look at the cover – as well as an extended preview of the reformatted comic – at the bottom of this page!

But don’t scroll too fast, because you’re going to want to savour our email interview with Snailords. We asked about the origins of the series, what it was like working with the WEBTOON Unscrolled team to adapt the comic to the page, and (of course) inquired about his ultimate OTP!

AVERY KAPLAN: What were the origins of Freaking Romance?

SNAILORDS: I was very single. I started wondering if my soulmate had accidentally been born into a different universe.

The idea then blossomed into Freaking Romance.

KAPLAN: Can you tell us about the comic’s journey from Webtoon to the page? Have you been involved in reformatting the comic?

SNAILORDS: Bobbie Chase and the WEBTOON Unscrolled team had been 99.9% generously helping me reformat the episodes.

They give me updates on layouts, covers, etc that I could choose to approve. I prefer not to be involved and leave the creative reins to the WEBTOON Unscrolled team.

KAPLAN: Which Freaking Romance character would you like to spend time with (if any)?

SNAILORDS: Zelan would be fun to spend time with. I’d take him to Karaoke and let him serenade me with songs. Hahah.


KAPLAN: This question is inspired by an audience question at the panel you appeared on at LACC 2019: In any and all media, what couple is your OTP?

SNAILORDS: My original character Kreyul and his boba. They’re inseparable. Inspirational. Love transcending time and space. Hahahah.

KAPLAN: Did you learn any lessons from the creation of Freaking Romance that have informed your subsequent projects?

SNAILORDS: Freaking Romance taught me so much about story structures. 

How to tell a strange story, in a way, digestible by the audience.

KAPLAN: Do you have any favorite reader reactions?

SNAILORDS: Whenever they cry at the plot twists, where Zelan and Zylith are split apart.

They fall harder for the plot twists, than Zelan and Zylith did for each other. It delights me.

It shows that they’re very invested in the characters’ journey.

KAPLAN: Where can readers best keep up with you for updates on your work?

SNAILORDS: They can find me on WEBTOON, either Original or Canvas. I’ll be waiting.

“From the creator of Snailogy and Death: Rescheduled comes a sexy supernatural story about being out on your own, finding your dream apartment and discovering that your new place is haunted by a handsome spectral stranger from another dimension. Sure, he can’t see you and you can’t touch him, but who said every relationship starts out perfectly?”

Will you be picking up a copy of Freaking Romance Vol. 1? Have you read the series on WEBTOON?

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