Some convention news that has been brewing as the schedule continues to expand.

• Ace Comic Con has announced a Midwest show, to be held at Chicago’s Navy Pier on October 12-14th, the week after New York Comic Con. The guest list includes Hiddleston, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz and recently announced Chris Evans. Many wrestlers as well, including Alexa Bliss and Seth Rolins.  The Navy Pier is actually a really cool venue in the heart of Chicago with breezes from the lake blowing through the windows, so those who didn’t like the arena rotundas of some previous efforts should find this more to their liking. Info and ticket pricing here. 


• Comic Con Seoul, a ReedPOP event kicks off this weekend. It’s the second event of its kind, and the release on this is very very long, and you can read some of it below to get an idea of how comic con culture is being presented in Korea. Guests include Ezra Miller and Michael Rooker from the seleb side, and Greg Pak from the comics side, but mostly Korean guests from their very lively comics and pop scenes, and a large presence from Naver, the parent company of Webtoon. Comic Con culture continues to expand! Some deets at the website. 

Korea’s largest pop-culture festival, Comic Con Seoul 2018 will be held from the 3rd of August. The 2nd Comic Con Seoul will go on for 3 consecutive days starting from the 3rd to 5th of August with various pop-culture contents such as comics, movies, animations, games and TV series, presenting an opportunity for guests to overview global trends on-site. A lot of attention was focused on the event when the worldwide renowned Hollywood celebrities, Ezra Miller, who played ‘Flash’ in and Michael Rooker, who starred in the confirmed that they were coming to Korea for their first time through CCS 18. Moreover, Marvel studio’s celebration of their 10th year anniversary has attracted much attention from vast movie fans in Korea. Additionally, Comic Con Seoul will act as a platform to reveal premieres of newly released works, such as with Naver Webtoon’, and one of the very highlights of CCS18, the ‘Korea Championships of Cosplay’, will offer the fans an unforgettable and mind-blowing experience.


  • An overview of MARVEL Studio’s 10 years of history, at the ‘MARVEL ZONE’.
  • Ezra Miller, Flash from , and Michael Rooker, “Yondu” from are confirmed as special guests.


The and series by Marvel Studio has generated many avid fans in Korea. At Comic Con Seoul 2018, the construction of the Marvel zone will present an overview of a wide array of diverse contents for fans to fully engage and immerse themselves in. The ‘History Wall’, exhibiting the works of Marvel Studio over the past 10 years will be a memorable and meaningful experience for those who’ve remained as loyal fans throughout these years.

Not only that, popular Comic writers who are acclaimed by MARVEL and DC Comics will also participate at Comic Con 2018. Artists such as Greg Pak, Peter Nguyen, Ravio, Ramon Deli and Kim Jung-Gi will perform live-drawing sessions on the Amazing Stage and Creators Stage, while also sharing some useful tips with fans that they’ve acquired over the years of their professional career in the arts and comics industry. News that Ezra Miller, the star from DC Comic’s was confirmed as one of the Hollywood Guests for CCS 18, stirred great attention from Korean fans, and in turn STAR Pass and Photo & Auto Ops have been sold-out during that period. Also ‘Michael Rooker, – who’s performance as Yondu in the , have been adored by fans worldwide – has also confirmed to visit Korea for his first time through CCS 2018.

At Comic Con Seoul 2018, visitors can also meet LEGO, a brand loved by many adult enthusiasts. The Marvel Studio will celebrate its 10th anniversary by installing the Lego Avengers Diorama and the Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer, a 2.6-meter long Lego brick on-site. To-be-released products for Lego Superheroes and Lego Star Wars’ August collection are soon to be unveiled at Comic Con Seoul 2018.

Meet everything from renown global brands to pre-launched games all in one place, at Comic Con Seoul 2018.

– The new title developed by NGELGAMES, ‘HERO CANTARE with Naver Webtoon’

  • Meet popular characters from Blizzard at the ‘Blizzard popup-store’


New game titles and diverse game exhibitions will be displayed at Comic Con Seoul 2018 for the very first time.

Nexon mobile will reveal their new mobile game titled ‘Marvel Battleline’, and NGELGAMES, a well-known firm for their sophisticated 2D artwork designs and exceptional game quality, will release their new game titled . It’s a hero blockbuster RPG game, which was developed in collaboration with Naver Webtoon, that employs some of its popular Webtoon characters. Heroes from ‘God of High school’ and ‘Hardcore Leveling Warrior’ will appear in , which will be launched on the second half of this year. To celebrate the premiere of , Park Yong Jae, the writer of ‘God of High School’, will lead a special fan-signing session which will take place on August 4th (SAT).

The Blizzard pop-up store, which exhibits items/goods of popular game characters from Blizzard games will exhibit once again this year at CCS 18 to meet their fans. Their goods were sold out rapidly last year and left many fans hanging, and for this year, they aim to set new records with items/goods of popular characters such as D.Va and Soldier: 76 from Overwatch.

Game Convention Seoul has also prepared a wide range of events for eager gaming fans as well. The ‘NEOGEO World Tour Korea Stop’ supported by SNK will be held at the venue and the winner will receive a round-way ticket to Hong Kong to participate as a Korean representative on the Grand Final match to be held in August. Along with the tournament, SNK’s 40th anniversary-portable game console ‘NEOGEO mini’ will be placed inside the booth. Additionally, a subsequent event to keep your eyes and ears open for, is the ‘Fortnight LAN Party’. Fans will be competing in solo mode and the winner will be awarded various gaming equipment sponsored by ASUS. Also, a stamp rally will be taking place simultaneously throughout the event, and when all the stamps are collected on the map after completing each quest, souvenirs will be given to participants as event prizes.



‘From newly released American TV series to classic, legendary UK TV series, meet your favorites along with Korea’s renown drama series at Comic Con Seoul 2018’s ‘Screening Lounge’.

We’ve gathered up everything from newly released works of domestic popular Webtoons to classic Animes, so meet all your favorites, all in one place.


The Screening lounge will be constructed at Comic Con Seoul 2018. The screening lounge will play TV sequels, Anime/Cartoons, and also a special episode for Christmas and trailer for Season 11 of the legendary famous TV series , which was broadcasted from 2014 to 2016, and this will be presented to Fans in Korea on all three consecutive days of the event.

Olleh TV and blockbuster TV series channel AMC will reveal the first world premiere of . The ‘Interactive Zombie Zone’ will allow visitors to engage in a very much real zombie experience program with the assistance of professional special effect makeup and prosthetic artists, and visitors will also be offered a chance to take photos with real-life zombies.

Before the online release of early August, Korea’s largest animation streaming platform Laftel has prepared a special fan meeting session led by the director, Baek Eu-sok and the voice actors of their new animation, ‘Bad Boss’. Famous voice actors such as Kim Jang, Kim Seo-Young, Jeong Mi-Suk, Min seung woo, Choi Seoung-Hun and Kim Ji-Yul will be at Comic Con Seoul 2018 on August 3rd in the afternoon. Following up from their visits to Korea last year, Japanese voice actors of Saiyuki Reload Blast to Comic Con, will visit again this year to share some amazing experiences with Animation fans in Korea. Also at the Screening Lounge, <free!-take your=”” marks=”” the=”” movie=””>, , SF cyberpunk legend are scheduled to be on the playlist.</free!-take>

Additionally, OCN will be exhibiting ‘MoveMove(뭅뭅)’ booth to meet their fans with various events and the whole season of will be played at the Screening Lounge on 4th with a trailer scraping event for which will be aired on the 11th of August.


  • Extraordinary and imaginative Cosplays, only to be found at Comic Con Seoul 2018
  • ‘Meet the best Cosplayers in Korea, at the “Korea Championships of Cosplay”

Although many exhibitors and countless amazing events are to be easily found at Comic Con Seoul 2018, many would pick the key highlight of “Comic Con Seoul” to be its Cosplayers. Many cosplayers whom visited Comic Con Seoul last year were appraised by their talents, commendable work and the sheer effort in their meticulous designs by the vast majority of visitors on-site. The world’s largest Star Wars Costume play community and international volunteering non-profit group, the 501 Corps and Rebel Legion have organized a follow-up charity event with “Make-a-wish” foundation in Korea.

In total, 18 cosplayers have been confirmed to compete at the finals of the ‘Korea Championships of Cosplay’ which is one of the absolute key highlights of Comic Con Seoul 2018. Special guests have been invited to pick the Korean Cosplay representative who will then compete at Chicago in the Crown Championships of Cosplay. The special judges for this year are: the star cosplayer Gesha, the FX makeup director Hwan Hyo-Gyun who has worked in movies such as & , the costume designer Kim Yu-Sun who has participated in works & and last, but not least, the winner of 1st Korean Championships of Cosplay, Kim Dong-Hyun. Consecutively from last year, this year’s winner will receive two million won and will be awarded round-trip tickets to ‘C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay’ held in Chicago, with CCS 18’s support.

G:\코믹콘 2018\코코챔2018\Korea Championships of Cosplay(2017년 현장사진)\_DSC3895 600.jpg

– Breaking down the boundaries between professionals and fans, and setting up a table for discussion among pop culture creators in Korea, on equal grounds.

– Comic Con Seoul transcends generations and brings together cultural differences and gaps, with our common interest and love for toys, games, films and overall, our common culture.


Unlike other shows, Comic Con Seoul provides a special space whereby previously established barriers and boundaries set up between pop-culture fans are broken down and where everyone who shares a love for pop-culture and art are gathered to share and celebrate each other’s works. Especially, as CCS 18 incorporated Creators sessions as well as those of fans and professionals in the industry, there is much to anticipate and look forward to at this year’s Comic Con Seoul.

On Sunday, August 5, at 3 pm, a popular comedian and figurine Youtuber, Lee Sanghoon, will meet Comic Con Seoul fans on the main stage – called the Amazing Stage. As the Youtube Kidult Creator, he will talk about how he got into his figure collecting avocation and related personal stories in his process of becoming a creator. Youtube movie creator ‘Footless bird’ will discuss with the topic of ‘Thanos’s Dillema’ in his session and a ‘Marvel Geek Test’ incorporating individuals such as Yondu’s Marvel, Mikole, YoonJohny will take place both in the 3rd and 4th of August during the afternoon sessions. The game ‘Minecraft’, which is loved by gamers all around the world will be discussed by Lifetree, with the focus on the topic of ‘Minecraft Family’.

You will also get a chance to meet a diverse range of pop-culture related toys and figures at Comic Con Seoul 2018

The foreign language institution YBM’s franchise, YBM B&C will exhibit and sell goods related to ‘We Bare Bears’ and ‘Finn and Jake’s Adventure Time’, continuing its participation at CCS 18 from last year. STP Life, the organizer of – who brought the world of ‘Frozen’ to life – this Walt Disney’s animation that inspired and emotionally moved 100 million people globally, will also participate at Comic Con Seoul 2018. 

Additionally, SPC group’s premium ice-cream brand ‘Baskin Robbins’ announced its participation at Comic Con Seoul 2018. On this hot summer day, they will sponsor and provide ice-cream and coffee to offer a blend of sweetness to the audiences’ experiences at CCS 18.

Comic Con Seoul 2018 aims to become the most celebrated and acclaimed pop-culture festival in Korea, by putting their best efforts to fulfill the high expectations and striving to improve and develop from past feedback offered from our fans. Last year, Comic Con Seoul had been unbelievably successful, and was visited by so many fans, and therefore many firms have expressed their interests in participating in the event this upcoming year. Comic Con Seoul 2018 is built on the very foundations of the high expectations and enthusiasm of fans in Korea towards pop-culture, and it is what drives us and keeps us motivated for further development and progress. So please anticipate that more amazing events are to come in addition to the aforementioned sessions and events, and we will be incorporating more amazing guests in the industry and entertaining sessions for the next three days.

Comic Con Seoul 2018 is a global pop culture festival directed and organized by Korea’s staff in ReedPOP, the global leading organizer of many Comic Cons all around world, including the famous New York Comic Con. In addition to exhibitions and events, ReedPOP will move on to provide the ‘best experience’ for fans in Korea with more amusing contents and experiences.