Marvel has a sale on Jeff Lemire comics going on today.  What’s worth your time?

Lemire’s Moon Knight with (primarily) Greg Smallwood is an interesting exercise that attempts to reconcile the different takes on the character, including the original supporting cast, the more recent “crazy hero” take and the agent of Khonshu.  I haven’t always enjoyed the post-Moench Moon Knight excursions, but I did like this one.  Smallwood earns his keep here, too.

Old Man Logan is Lemire and (primarily) Andrea Sorrentino’s take on the adventures of the alternate future version of Wolverine sent back to modern times.  I thought it lost some steam by Vol. 5, but Vol. 1-3, maybe 1-4 are pretty entertaining.

There’s also some of Lemire’s Thanos, Hawkeye and Extraordinary X-Men in the sale, but I can’t personally speak to those titles.