It’s con season! And how this weekend sees four big shows and probably some other ones I forgot. NYC is a ghost town because everyone is off at some con or another. If you’re going you probably already know it but a brief  rundown:



Perhaps the most loved stop on the con circuit, HeroesCon cruises into its 36th year in Charlotte, NC, with guests from Jaime and Gilbert Hernnandez to Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue and everyone else on hand. It’s the funnest party of the year, and truly a comcis institution.

The Beat’s own Kyle Pinion, Hannah Lodge and Billy Hennehan are down there already reporting on the scene! Follow The Beat on Instagram for some on the scene news!




Washington DC’s Awesome Con kicks off today as well with a full service line-up of comics and media guests, including Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, David Tennant, Edgar Wright and a bunch of WWE Superstars, which I find intriguing because not too long ago they were exclusive to Wizard Cons. I guess things change! Anyway, Awesome con is a real up and coming show – there is a whole Future Con set up with futuristic NASA type stuff as well. Hopefully Awesome Con and HeroesCon can work ut their scheduling overlap in the future because both show are top notch.



This is my favorite show that I never get to go to! The Maine Comic Srtas Festival provides a day of free panels and exhibits in the Portland Public Library. This year’s poster is by Mainer Rick Parker. This has become one of the most pleasant stops on the CAF circuit, especially if you like your Lobstah. More info on programming and guests here. 




And meanwhile, over in London, ElCAF covers the arty side of the UK comics scene in fine shape. The event starts today with panels and talks and the main exhibits runs over the weekend at Round Chapel, 1d Glenarm Road, London, E5 0LY and School Rooms,2 Powerscroft Rd, E5 0PU.

Guests include Sarah Glidden, Anya Halfisch Anna Haifisch, Una, Bianca Bagnarelli and more.

If only I could be in four places at once. Through the miracle of sociela media I nearly can! Send us your pictures, news and gossip from all four shows! comcisbeat at!