comics_by_comixology_logo_black_textIf you look at the history of digital music, the combination of a standardized format, moderate pricing (compared to CDs) and DRM-free files were what sparked sales.  Comics still doesn’t have a standardized format or a lower pricing tier for new issues, but DRM-free just turned up.  Comixology has announced they’re going to be having DRM-free “back-up” copies available for select publishers.

This new feature allows you to download and store local copies of books in PDF and CBZ format.

For our launch, participating publishers include Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Zenescope Entertainment, MonkeyBrain Comics, Thrillbent, and Top Shelf Productions. In addition, our Submit creators and small publishers are now able to choose to make their books available DRM-free.

Traditionally, Hollywood-based licenses have had DRM baked into the licensing agreements for comics.  It’s no surprise that DC (Warner), Marvel (Disney) and IDW (a lot of licensed books from places like Hasbro) aren’t on that list.  I’m also curious if Dynamite’s entire line is there or just part of the line, since they do a lot of licensed books.

SLG and Image started the DRM-free comics movement.  Comixology just picked up the ball in a big way.  Don’t be too surprised if ePub 3 gets added to the format list in the near future, too.


  1. Well, good. I’m about to buy a tablet and comics are a consideration (and a major reason I’m going 10″ instead of 7″ this time); I’ve read a good deal of Thrillbent and some other third-party publishers here and there, but have never spent any money on Comixology (because I’m not going to pay money for comics I don’t get to own).

    It’s actually a bit of a surprising move coming from Amazon, as Amazon’s definitely got a vested interest in locking publishers into its platform (as Hachette has recently discovered). Then again, maybe the indies forced Amazon’s hand; Image has been doing pretty well for itself with DRM-free sales.

    (And I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that Image started selling DRM-free comics just a few months after the Comixology/Saga #12 debacle.)

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