ComiXology is getting more into the mix.

Already the #1 digital distributor for comics, with more than 100 million comics downloaded, the company is getting more involved with tangible things of late, including a summer program they’re calling “Meet Your Makers”, which is meant, we’re told, to spotlight the creators behind your favorite comics. The program will roll out with various aspects each week leading up to Comic-Con, where comiXology will be a minor sponsor for both the Eisner Awards Ceremony on Friday and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Welcome Party on Thursday. Both are among the premier comics-focused events at the con.

“Without comic creators there wouldn’t be any comics to enjoy, so all of us at comiXology wanted to use the summer to have a celebration of comic creators and the creation of comics,” said co-founder and CEO David Steinberger in a statement. “At ComiXology we’re proud of our ability to help creators get their work to all corners of the globe,” said co-founder John D. Roberts.

Other events in the “Meet Your Maker” program may benefit other comics charities, we’re told—more announcements to come.


  1. A program called “Meet Your Makers” should probably do at least a little bit to support the Hero Initiative. Y’know, the actual “Makers.”

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