Retailing advocacy group ComicsPRO has announced their annual Industry Appreciation Award nominees which salute “those who have been simply the best at what they do, making the comic-book direct market more successful for all of us.” Awards are presented in two categories: to living industry figures and those who have passed away. And the nominees are:

2013 ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award

Scott Dunbier
Cindy Fournier
David Gabriel
Bill Schanes
Eric Stephenson

The nominees for the 2013 ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Memorial Award are:

Shel Dorf
Will Eisner
Joe Kubert
Julius Schwartz


Previous winners in the living category: Bob Wayne, Stan Lee and Paul Levitz
Previous winners in the memorial category: Phil Seuling, Jack Kirby and Carol Kalish

As you can see from the lists, those who might be called “the most obvious giants” of the direct sales have been honored and people no less important but maybe not as primary are up this time.

Bio and more on the nominees are on the ComicsPRO page.

The annual ComicsPRO meeting will be held for retailers and publishers on February 21-23, 2013, in Atlanta, GA. More information here.


  1. Living = Eric Stephenson
    Passed = Will Eisner

    I don’t mind that these are the most obvious giants when an award is just starting out of the gate.. Give it a few years and we’ll see how things shake down as time, talent, and importance/import becomes clear.

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