Welcome to The Beat’s crowdfunding round-up: a collection of some of our favorite campaigns from the week including one-shots, on-goings, anthologies and everything in-between. This week we’re checking out Z Class, a YA superhero graphic novel, Color Guard, a fantasy story about waving your flag proudly, and more.

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Z Class: The Beginning

z class

Creators: Kevvo (creator)
Goal: $5,000
End date: August 19, 2021
Goodies: Grab the PDF for $10, get the physical edition for $25, or check out higher tiers for a set of prints, additional copies, and more. 

Z Class is a YA superhero graphic novel.

Anjali is the new tenth-grader at Hope Academy, and although she’s trying to keep her own secrets safe, it’s immediately evident that everyone else is doing the same. Z Class is a YA superhero story following Anjali and her newly-formed team of super-powered kids in a ten-chapter, full color graphic novel, with a focus on celebrating diversity and teamwork.

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Jalisco, Latina Superhero Graphic Novel


Creators: Kayden Phoenix (writer/creator), Amanda Julina Gonzalez (penciller), Sandra Romero (translator/letterer)
Goal: $3,000
End date: August 15, 2021
Goodies: Get a signed copy for $25 in English or Spanish, donate copies to a Girl Scout, or check out additional tiers for more comics.

(English & Spanish Edition)

Jalisco is the next in Phoenix Studios’ Latina superhero line of graphic novels, offered in English and Spanish editions. With this latest entry, readers meet the title character, Jalisco, a young girl whose mother disappears inexplicably. When not even the police are willing to hear her out, she turns to a band of Adelitas and takes matters into her own hands. The book is ready to print now, and readers can preview more of the story over on the campaign page. 

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The Color Guard #2

color guard

Creators: Ryan Little (writer), Scott Malin (artist)
Goal: $1,500
End date: August 11, 2021
Goodies: The digital version is $10, the physical version is $12, and other tiers include back issues, t-shirts, and more.                

A 55-page finale! A humiliated flag girl must conquer her shame and carry her banner high to defeat a mysterious evil.

Color Guard returns with its second and final entry. This all-ages adventure story follows a young girl named Alyssa who is finally, after years of waiting, on the high school color guard. She’s lead to find a magic flag in the bowls of her school, and consequently meets a Bannerman, and forced to carry her own flag against hordes of evil invaders if she hopes to save her city.

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Darkboy and Adler #1-3

darkly and adler

Creators: Edward Bentley (co-creator, artist, writer, letterer), Daniel Earey (co-creator, penciller)
Goal: $4,784
End date: August 19, 2021
Goodies: Grab the digital version for $6, get the physical version for $11, and check out higher tiers for back issues, sticker packs, tarot cards, and more. 

The boys get ooky spooky in part 3 as they venture across to the other side, with ghosts, ghouls and voodoo dolls a plenty. LGBTQA+

For fans of Rick and Morty and The Real Ghostbusters, Darkboy and Adler is a story of unrequited love, bullying, and voodoo curses. Now on its third issue, the story picks up following Adler’s decision to dabble in some cursed magic in hopes of gaining the attention of the wrestling team MVP – and local bully – Jock. See what’s in store for Adler in issue 3, and check out a preview over on the campaign page.

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Monsterwood Book 3: Annihilation Graphic Novel


Creators: Jason Rosen (creator, writer), Steve Ellis (illustrator), Nicolas Efstathiou (co-writer),
Goal: $10,000
End date: August 18, 2021
Goodies: The digital version is $15, the hardcover is $30, and higher tiers include back issues, sketches, watercolor editions, and more.

The third in a Y.A. coming of age, fantasy graphic novel series filled with smart characters, dark edges, lots of twists, and Monsters.

Featuring gorgeous fantasy art, Monsterwook returns for its third book. The series follows an unlikely pair of heroes – Jovis, and orphan and Jocosta, a princess – as they discover the dark histories of their kingdom and arrive in the mysterious forest known as Monsterwood. Now, as agents of the Regent try to ‘rescue’ the princess, the pair must defend Monsterwood and themselves.

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ShortBox: a box full of fun and fine indie comics

short box

Creators: Zainab Akhtar (publisher), Lily Blakeley (author), Chu Nap (author), Jack T Cole (author), Luis Yang (author), Xulia Vicente (author)
Goal: $29,961
End date: August 11, 2021
Goodies: Get all 5 comics for $48 before shipping.

A box full of 5 new independent comics encompassing fantasy, horror, cooking recipes, romance, and more!

Chances are good that if you’re reading this then you’ve already received your fair share of ShortBox comics, but if not here’s the deal. This is an award-winning publisher of self-contained comics, brought to life by indie creators each bringing their own unique styles and genres to the table. For a look at exactly what I mean, head over to the campaign page for previews, cover reveals, and plot summaries.

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