Welcome to the latest edition of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! A lot of new projects launched this past week, with many of them well worth considering backing. That said, these five are the ones that caught my eye, from horror anthologies to superhero adventure to a punk rock mystery. Check it out!

The Wayfarer – Prelude / Fare and a Way

Creators: Carl “Dutch” Dutchin (Writer/Artist)
Goal: $600
End Date: November 25th, 2021
Goodies: Digital and physical copies of the issue, metallic foil and blank sketch variant covers, and original artwork

A kickstarter for my first issue of the Wayfarer. Magic! Skateboarding! An action packed issue!

Dutchin is part of the HiFi Colour Design team and has worked on books for Marvel, DC, and more. Wayfarer sounds like a really fun adventure comic. Plus skateboarding!

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The Uncontrollable Wreck-Lass!

Creators: Aaron Walther (writer/letterer), Sarah Rude-McCune (artist)
Goal: $2,000
End Date: October 19th, 2021
Goodies: Digital and physical copies of the graphic novel, prints, stickers, sketches from Rude-McCune, other books from Second Thought Comics, and more

An all ages superhero comic about the world’s strongest 10 year old facing the toughest challenge, yet… school!

This campaign is for a print collection of the series which ran on Tapas between 2017 and 2021. The whole book is available to read there now, but if you prefer the smell of paper and binding glue now’s your chance. I’m also a sucker for a pun name, and “Wreck-Lass” is a pretty solid one, so it’s worth checking out just for that as far as I’m concerned.

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Where The Rent Went: A 90’s punk house mystery comic

Creators: Andrew Neal (cartoonist)
Goal: $300
End Date: October 28th, 2021
Goodies: Digital and print editions of the comic, all of the previous issues of the Meeting Comics series, and loads of original art

A completely self-contained comic story set in 1996 featuring punk rock, roommate drama, and a mystery!

Where the Rent Went is technically issue 21 of Neal’s long-running Meeting Comics series, though the cartoonist says it’s completely standalone and accessible for new readers. A collection of the first six issues of the series has been published by Adhouse Books, which is a pretty good indicator of what the quality of the series is like. Plus this just looks fun.

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Headless Shakespeare Press 2022 Publishing Catalogue

Creators: Rick Geary (cartoonist), Craig Hurd-McKenney (writer/editor), Noah Bailey (artist), Lucas Gattoni (letterer), Keni Thomas (cover artist), Gervasio & Carlos Aon (artist), Tyler Smith Owings (cover artist), Sarah Hickey (artist), Shonell Bacon (editor), Keeli McCarthy (book designer), Headless Shakespeare Press (publisher)
Goal: $6,000
End Date: November 4th, 2021
Goodies: Digital and print copies of all four books, original art by Rick Geary, tote bags, paper dolls, copies of previous Headless Shakespeare Press titles, and more

BLANCHE GOES TO SF by Rick Geary * SSD 3 art by Gervasio & Carlos * ERNEST & IVA art by Sarah Hickey * STATION GRAND art by Noah Bailey

Headless Shakespeare Press has published a number of interesting black-and-white comics over the past few years, and you can even read a few for free on their website right now. Their 2022 slate has some incredible, award-winning talent lined up for four titles that look well worth your time.

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Memoirs of the Morbid

Creators: Grant Lankard (editor), Brian K. Morris and Claudio Adriano, Ian Mondrick and Matthew Mossman, Matt Miner and Clay McCormack, Grant Lankard and Valentina Perrone, Dave Schuler (creators)
Goal: $4,000
End Date: October 31st, 2021
Goodies: Digital and physical copies of the anthology, multiple variant covers, 

A 60+ page black & white horror anthology consisting of five self-contained stories in the style of EC comics.

I’m pretty much just in the mood for horror in October, and this collection of five stories by up-and-coming creators, ‘hosted’ by a monstrous master of ceremonies, scratches that itch. 

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