Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up. Join us for a look into a space-time adventure, a brilliant graphic memoir, a vivid dark fantasy, and more.

Mutiny: Black Girl Magik

Creators: Kristal Adams (Writer), Asiah Fulmore (Artist), Amanda Meadows (Co-editor)

Goal: $8,999

End Date: March 26

Goodies: A physical copy of the comic, different cover variants, art from Alitha E. Martinez (comes in two flavors), Asiah Fulmore and Sway, among others — as well as a blank limited edition cover, transfer sheets for apparel or bags, and an acrylic stand.

Moriyah Pleasant is a charismatic and witty queen with the magic touch. As a successful NYC dating coach with a reputation as an “incel whisperer,” the results don’t lie — until her latest matchmaking gig goes awry, leading to some irreconcilable differences.

The whole operation goes left when Moriyah discovers her client’s love interest is on the run…but from whomst? Moriyah’s dragged through spacetime and confronted with the tyrant Ezek, an Alchemist consumed with his murderous pursuit to destroy all magik in the universe. Trapped and now wanted for a crime she didn’t commit, she’s not having that!

Mutiny: Black Girl Magik emerged from the iconic mascot of Mutiny Magazine. With Miss Mutiny gracing every issue, readers were captivated, and the magazine quickly gained a global following. Now, by delving into the backstory of its beloved mascot, Mutiny presents an extraordinary narrative. Led by a dynamic team of Black femmes, their aim is to forge connections with audiences through a blend of comedy and relatable scenarios. Witnessing Mutiny’s evolution is truly remarkable, and for any comic book enthusiast, supporting this endeavor is a must. 

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A Good Sport

Creators: Soizick Jaffre (Writer/Artist)

Goal: $6,000

End Date: April 3

Goodies: A digital copy, a physical copy, signed copy, book and print bundle, and much more.

A Good Sport is a graphic memoir written and drawn by French cartoonist Soizick Jaffre, detailing her participation in the 2018 Gay Games, her lifelong love of athletics, and her own personal search for freedom. This memoir is visually rich with Jaffre’s colorful, expressive illustration style that runs the gamut from realistic portrayal to eye-popping surrealism. A Good Sport deftly balances both personal and world history to paint a picture of feminist triumph and queer self-determination.

A Good Sport serves as a poignant glimpse into the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly within the realm of the 2018 Gay Games. Through the lens of Soizick Jaffre, a former athlete-turned-writer/artist, the graphic novel intricately weaves the stories of individuals and the monumental event itself. Authentically capturing Jaffre’s emotions and personal experiences, the narrative unfolds with genuine sincerity. It’s a vibrant celebration of community and the inclusivity that forms the bedrock of pride. “A Good Sport” is not merely a novel; it’s a vital narrative that demands attention and appreciation. Don’t let this literary gem pass.

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Creators: Lucas Lee Garza (Artist/Writer)

Goal: $5,000

End Date: April 1

Goodies: Signed comics, posters, keychains, mini backpack, and variant covers by Ryan Benjamin, Dustin Ngyuen, Jim Lee and J. Scott Campbell. 

In the lands of Hearth, there exists a time where magic flows through all and demons roam free. Mages shelter in secret from their ongoing persecution by common folk, and war is a frequent occurrence. However, through these dark times there lives a quiet family out in the Grove: a mother, a father and two sons whose family name is none other than, Wallow.

While this family resides peacefully, away from the horrors of the outside world, their history will soon catch up to them. Unbeknownst to the two sons, their lives would forever change from the sins of their parents past. 

Wallow is the project of Lucas Lee Garza, the son of famed artist Jim Lee. (Let’s just address that elephant in the room.) Garza’s recruited a lineup of heavyweight artists — including his father — to draw variant covers for his series. But Garza’s own art on the comic looks amazing. If you follow his Instagram page, you can see the amount of work that went into this project. This is why here at The Beat, we’ll be keeping an eye out for Wallow‘s release, as its well on its way to being fully funded. 

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Death Reign: Gehenna

Creators: John Holland (Writer/Creator) J. Travis Smith (Artist/Co-creator) Bradley Golden (Editor/Co-Writer)

Goal: $2,500

End Date: March 31

Goodies: A digital copy, a print copy, Javi Laparra variant cover, Hernan Gonzalez variant cover, a sketch cover copy, and more.

In Death Reign #1 you will visit Gehenna, a world where reality is up for grabs our heroes fight demons and monsters for the fate of humanity.

Gehenna: A world untethered with reality. Pick a point. A region filled with demons. Walk forward. Now the region is overrun with vampires. Continue walking. You’re in a region with living slugs that can loop time itself. Your walk continues (if you can escape the time loop) through a world that knows no resistance, no bounds.

It’s clear that Death Reign is a love letter to the action-packed dark comics of the ’90s — and for any fan of Spawn, this comic might be right up your alley. With fantastic artwork, an interesting story, and some brutal characters, Death Reign is perfect for any comic fan looking for another dark action fantasy comic to jump into.

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Sleepless: The Complete Collection


Creators: Leila del Duca (Artist/Writer), Sarah Vaughn (Writer), Alissa Sallah (Editor/Colorist)

Goal: $18,500

End Date: March 28

Goodies: A digital copy of the book, a physical copy of the 336-page full-color graphic novel, gold cover embellished book, pin ups and more.

In the kingdom of Harbeny, Lady “Poppy” Pyppenia is kept safe by her faithful Sleepless knight, Cyrenic. But when a new king is crowned, an assassin targets her, ushering in a dangerous chapter to her life. As Poppy and Cyrenic work to discover who wants her dead, they must navigate the treacherous waters of life at court–and of their growing feelings for one another.

Sleepless: The Complete Collection will be a special limited run hardcover of our completed 11-issue series, binding the entire story into a single 336-page volume that would look right at home in an ancient library, and will be available exclusively to our amazing Kickstarter backers.

Leila del Duca’s art is as amazing as her own writing — and now her fans can collect a beautiful collection of one of her most popular works. Sleepless is well on its way to being funded, and with more than 220 backers, it’s a comic you won’t want to miss out on.

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