Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Join us for a look into a different take on a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, the lost stories of a brave warrior, your first TTRPG, and 2 more projects you will love!


Creators: Norm Harper (Writer), Meaghan Carter (Illustrator), etc.>
Goal: $16,084
End Date: July 5
Goodies: Get the digital copy for $7, the physical copy for $15, the artist edition book for $35, and at higher tiers pet commission, original inked art, and much more. 

MOUSE GUARD meets MAD MAX in a dangerous journey through post-apocalyptic Las Vegas!

An apocalyptic Las Vegas ruled by animals! Safe to say we at The Beat are excited. Especially considering that Harper is an Eisner Nominee and Carter is well known for their work on webcomics like Take Off! and Godslave. There’s so much to expect from this campaign, and with fan support, Iron Barge will become a trilogy of books. With full-color pages and a quirky crew of protagonists, Iron Barge looks fantastic and is definitely something for fans of independent comics to look forward to.

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Sagas of the Shield Maiden

Creators: Asa Wheatley (Writer), Rachel Tubb, Alice Leclert, Fabi Marques, Laura Helsby and JP Jordan (Artists)
Goal: $19,197
End Date: July 2
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for $8, the comic for $20, or at higher tiers get exclusive stickers, cards, core game, and the older issues of the comic. 

All volumes of Sagas of the Shield Maiden each contain over 40 pages of comics as well as a plethora of back up material including an amazing pin up gallery from artists including Len Gogou, Fell Hound, Ahmed Raafat and Angela Wu. Sagas of the Shield Maiden is presented in an oversized perfect bound format.

An anthology of stories about a Viking warrior in the past, culminating in their death, told through the eyes and art of various artists. Wheatley truly has something special with this project. In just four days, they have amassed over $6,000 of their $19,000 goal. With each passing day, the project continues to gain backers. For fans of fantasy comics, Sagas of the Shield Maiden is perfect for you. Do not miss out on this campaign! 

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Cold Damage

Creators: Andrea Giovalè (Writer), Giuseppe Diecidue (Illustrator)
Goal: $544
End Date: June 16
Goodies: Get the digital copy for $11, the physical copy for $20, a fantasy one shot for $50!, and at higher tiers personal commissions, different RPG adventures, and even a masterclass in RPGs!

A special comic book about RPG that makes you roll the dice.

Cold Damage is what happens when you combine a love of TTRPGs and comics. It’s an ambitious project, which makes it a fantastic one as well. Readers have the option to read the comic in order or put their fate in a D4 dice roll, letting them experience what campaigns are like. The book provides various explanations of how campaigns work, with all the terminology made accessible to a vast audience. It even includes character sheets and an actual campaign as rewards for backers. It’s a perfect comic for TTRPG fans and newcomers looking to discover their first campaign. This project is yet another excellent example of comics made for fantasy lovers and would be a perfect addition to anyone’s collection.

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Adrift on a Painted Sea

Creators: Avery Hill Publishing
Goal: $7,679
End Date: June 21
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for $16, the physical copy for $20, postcard for $26, and at higher tiers signed rewards, exclusive zines, and older works!

A poignant, thoughtful graphic memoir that explores family, loss, and art through the author’s relationship with his mother.

When you look at the cover of Adrift on a Painted Sea, you can’t help but get immersed in the painting. Knowing the story behind the project makes you stare even more. This book is a collection of artwork by Sue Bird, the mother of Avery Hill Publishing comic artist Tim Bird. Sue Bird never sold any of her pieces but gave them to people she cared about. Now, after her death, this book will finally showcase her work to the world. Tim Bird’s comic art, which explores their life and relationship, is beautiful, sad, but most importantly it’s human. I give this project my highest recommendation—you need to check it out before it’s gone.

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The Beast with a Thousand Legs

Creators: Cardboard India
Goal: $1,378
End Date: June 25
Goodies: Get the digital copy for $15, the softcover book for $25, an art print for $35, and at higher tiers get posters, past projects, and exclusive art prints!

A tale of headless zombie creatures roaming the woods & the beast picking them apart, piece by piece, to become an invincible demon-god

If you’re a fan of tales reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke mixed with a bit of Pan’s Labyrinth, this project is a must-see. Written and illustrated by artists from Cardboard India the project follows a milkmaid whose tranquil life is shattered when a terrible beast begins haunting the forests of her small town. Consuming the heads, hearts, and parts of innocent animals, the beast turns its victims into horrifying zombies that stumble to the milkmaid’s door. Determined to end the terror, she learns new skills and sets out to trap the monstrosity before it preys on humans. With its dark fantasy elements and a strong, red-haired heroine, this book promises a gripping and visually stunning adventure. Don’t miss your chance to support this unique and captivating project.

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