Will COMICS AS ART: WE TOLD YOU SO, the oral history of Fantagaraphics be published, in the wake of the Harlan Ellison lawsuit? We sure hope so, especially after reading
this review in PRINT MAGAZINE:

Compiled by comics historian Tom Spurgeon and related in anecdotal fashion, Comics as Art is an entertaining, engaging dialogue that captures comics at a pivotal turning point, when steroidal protagonists and stories about Moleman attacks gave way to mature themes and intimate reflections. But rather than a sonorous art-historical review of the form, this is a 30th anniversary celebration of Fantagraphics Books, the publisher that fueled (and in many ways founded) the alternative comics scene, as told by its founders and an endless parade of such renowned talent as Chris Ware, Charles Burns, Peter Bagge, Los Bros. Hernandez and Daniel Clowes.