A post entitled ; ) and equipped with a classic Dark Knight sequence on coming back to life would seem to suggest that Comics Alliance is coming back from the dead after being shut down by AOL about a month ago.

And in case you were wondering if that was a late April Fools, this tweet from former (and present and future) editor in chief Joe Hughes would seem to ail it down:


While details are forthcoming, one might guess that the outcry about a popular, award-nominated website that was making money being shut down maybe reached the ears of some people with common sense at AOL.

Whatever it means, congrats to the CA crew on finding a way forward.


  1. Oh, thank god. I’ve been accidentally visiting the site a lot, recently. I’m glad to see that some form of it is coming back to life.

  2. Loved the site for news, especially since Hughes took over. It was way less agenda driven, not trying too hard to win awards and “make a difference” and more comics news centric and fun.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing it come back to read, but the community there is just horrible. Very catty and preachy. Hope it’s more mellow when it returns.

  3. @Tommy

    The site’s focus hardly changed when Joe Hughes took over. I’m guessing it just didn’t bother you so much because the editor-in-chief was no longer a woman.

  4. @Dayv, HOW exactly did you get that from my post?

    The overall aching to have an impact on comics and making a difference on all levels definitely was lessened when Hughes took over. I have nothing against Hudson’s gender. She is a great writer, I just don’t agree with her editorial choices.
    I read CA since 2007 and over the years saw the content become increasingly more agenda driven, and in some cases they seemed to unfairly pile on only some publishers. I feel the site only embraced an extreme element of comics readers and alienated many others. Often times any critique that disagreed in any way with the writer or editorial slant would be met with intolerant trolling. (kinda like what you did above)

    I contiued to read and visit CA daily until it shut down, but stopped participating in any discourse with it’s hateful communtiy. It became impossible to have a discussion. I read and post on many other comic related sites and NEVER had the issues that I had with the community on that site.

    I hope it comes back, because 90% of it was helpful articles about comics which I enjoyed reading very much.

    Now’s where you turn me critiquing someone on the merits of their work into a derogatory thing that can only be based on me judging them for their gender, race, etc… instead of my coherent thoughts.

    AND , you are the kind of commenter that made that community inhospitable and just plain not fun.

    It’s OK to have fun, fun is the best thing to have.

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